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Latest Features 

Review of Trade Waste Bylaw

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

TCDC are reviewing their bylaw on trade waste – waste produced by businesses which has a substantial impact on their wastewater treatment systems – and the draft bylaw will be going out for public consultation from mid-March to mid-April, alongside their Long Term Plan consultation.

Information about the draft bylaw will be available once Council has approved it for consultation at its meeting on 20 February. They will be contacting all affected businesses that produce the kind of trade waste covered by the bylaw.

Fees for disposing of trade waste into their wastewater treatment system will be set after the public consultation and will take effect from 1 July. These will be available for feedback as part of their Long Term Plan consultation.

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SH25 Thames Coast Recovery Update – 16 January 2018

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

SH25 repairs in full swing, focus on prioritising sites and minimising incovenience.

Repair work is progressing well, with the Transport Agency and contractor Higgins establishing priority sites for repair and working to ensure the least possible disruption for motorists and residents.

Much of SH25 between Thames and Manaia remains an active work site with a number of crews working in different locations. The sites along SH25 have been prioritised with safety and risk of further damage the key criteria.  

Anyone driving this road should expect delays with stop/go control and speed restrictions at various sites.

There are a number of heavy vehicles travelling to and along SH25 with around 1700 tonnes of rock a day being brought ... Read more

SH25 Thames Coast Recovery Update

Thursday, 11 January 2018

SH25 fully open to light vehicles however long delays are still likely.

State Highway 25 north of Thames is now fully open to light traffic after the cordons and convoys were removed on the evening Wednesday 11 January.

However motorists are advised that the journey along the Thames Coast highway will continue to take a lot longer than usual due to stop/go traffic control and speed restrictions in a number of locations between Thames and Manaia.

Drivers of heavy vehicles over five tonnes are reminded that they are not permitted on SH25 between Te Puru and Manaia to avoid further damage to vulnerable sections of the road. These vehicles are able to take the alternative route via SH25A from Kopu and SH25 on the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula, ... Read more

State Highway 25, Thames Coast Road, cordons and convoy to be removed

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The NZ Transport Agency will remove the cordons on State Highway 25 north of Thames at 6pm today (Wednesday 10 January), with light traffic able to use the road without the need for convoys.

“This a great result to be able to remove the cordons and convoys as it further reduces the delay for anyone who needs to use this stretch of SH 25,” Waikato Transport System Manager, Karen Boyt says.

“Despite this the journey will take a lot longer than usual due to Stop/Go traffic control and speed restrictions in a number of locations between Thames and Manaia.

“This road will continue to be a work site for some time yet and we would ask motorists to take extra care for the safety of ... Read more

NZTA SH25 Thames Coast Recovery Update

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Distance of SH25 convoy shortened to approximately 5km between Te Puru and Whakatete Bay, while heavy vehicles are prohibited from the Thames Coast road.

Over the past few days the cordon on the Thames Coast road has been significantly reduced, as hard work by the Transport Agency and contractor, Higgins, has made a number of the damaged sections of highway safe.

However the road remains sensitive to further damage, and the Transport Agency has prohibited heavy vehicles on SH25 between Thames and Manaia. Heavy vehicles can travel between Thames and Coromandel on the eastern side of the peninsula, via Tairua.

There are now cordons at Te Puru and Whakatete Bay, with escorted convoys departing regularly. While this convoy has been shortened, long ... Read more

TCDC Water restrictions update 8 January 2018

Monday, 8 January 2018

Due to a reduction in demand, a number of changes have been made to TCDC's water restrictions. Though they are still encouraging people to continue to conserve water as best they can.

Coromandel Town - Reduces to a sprinkler and irrigation ban.

Matarangi – Reduces to a sprinkler and irrigation ban.

Whitianga -  Current sprinkler and irrigation ban remains in place.

Tairua - Reduces to a sprinkler and irrigation ban.

Pauanui - The plant is back in full production and the reservoirs are recovering therefore Pauanui reduces to a sprinkler and irrigation ban.

Whangamata - Reduces to a sprinkler and irrigation ban.

Thames Valley (including Hikutaia, Omaha, Puriri and ... Read more

TCDC Weather update 5 January 3pm

Saturday, 6 January 2018

"As a result of storm damage, heavy rain and king tides over the past two days the Thames Coast Road, State Highway 25 has suffered significant damage," says NZ Transport Agency System Manager Karen Boyt.

At this stage, the Transport Agency does not think the Thames Coast Road will open today, however, this will be updated via social media channels if a lane is safely able to be opened later today.

“In many places seawalls have been damaged and whole sections of the road have been washed away by the storm surges which have also left the road littered with rocks and debris.  Other areas of the Thames Coast Road have suffered upheaval of the road surface as the sea and debris have severely damaged the road surface and the underlying ... Read more

Online information hub established for Waikato rainfall and flood events

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

An online hub for rainfall and flood related information has been set up by Waikato Regional Council to help people more easily keep up to date with severe weather events in the region.

It can be found at waikatoregion.govt.nz/flood-room.

The page has gone live just a day before a rapidly deepening low from the Tasman Sea is predicated by the MetService to bring heavy rain to the Coromandel Peninsula, and severe wind to the Waikato region.

Council regional hazards team leader Rick Liefting said: “Between 100 and 150mm of rain is forecast to fall over Thursday and into early Friday, reaching peak intensity levels of 20-30mm per hour.

“This is not an uncommon amount of rainfall for the Coromandel Peninsula – but it coincides ... Read more

Please take your fireworks home with you

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is asking people to take any fireworks home following a major fire at Fletchers Bay in the Coromandel. The fire, which burnt through five hectares, is believed to have been started by fireworks.

“The Fletchers Bay fire is an example of the risk of fireworks, and the challenge of fire fighting in an isolated area,” says Paul Shaw, Principal Rural Fire Officer for the Thames Coromandel.

“It is very dry in the Coromandel and the recent rain has not been enough to make a real difference. People need to be aware of the risks and the consequences of their actions.”

“Especially as some of the things that make the Coromandel so special – the bush and the isolation – also make it particularly ... Read more

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