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Signs go up against tree vandalism

Coromandel Peninsula | Mon July 10, 2017

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The signs are out and the message is clear: the destruction or vandalism of trees on our parks and reserves won't be tolerated.

The Mercury Bay Community Board has put on a united front as they watched the planting of a new tree and the erection of a sign on the site where a 70-year-old Norfolk pine was recently removed from Buffalo Beach in Whitianga. It had died after being poisoned.

Less than 1km down the road another sign has just been erected where another tree was intentionally chopped down.  TCDC staff are still investigating both cases to find those responsible for the damage.

"We decided putting up these signs, along with the planting of another tree where one was destroyed, is letting those who commit these acts know that we won't tolerate it, the wider community won't tolerate it and what they are doing won't work - the tree will be replaced," says Mr Kelly.

In the two recent cases in Mercury Bay, the vandalised/poisoned trees have been replaced with two 8-year-old pohutukawa.

Meanwhile the signs, which point out the history behind the tree planting, also ask the public for help if they see acts of vandalism by reporting it to our customer services team by email customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz or phone on 07 868 0200. Several local businessmen are also offering a reward.

The signs will also be going up around the District when necessary, as cases of tree vandalism or destruction are reported.

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