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Coastguard Update of 9 September

Mercury Bay | Thu November 13, 2014

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The month of October was a quiet one for our unit with only two callouts, one being a tow back to Whitianga and the second an emergency callout for a person in the water/overturned dingy off Opito. The unit was stood down soon after as the person had got back to shore.

It was truly amazing that we had no callouts over the long weekend (however I understand that some vessels got assisted back to home base by other boaties). This allowed the unit to be on patrol for the Labour Weekend bath tub racing, in which Brent Willcocks, one of our skippers, achieved third place overall.

Early November saw both of our boats out on the water following an emergency callout to an overdue diver. From a unit perspective, this is the first time both vessels have been used simultaneously as well as having various commercial vessels, a Hot Water Beach Surf Lifesaving RIB and the Police Eagle helicopter in the area providing extra sets of eyes. Unfortunately the outcome was not the desired one and our condolences are extended to both the family of the diver and the people who were on the boat with the diver. Thank you also to all those vessels who assisted in the search.

In last month’s newsletter we indicated that we would be training with Hot Water Beach Surf Life Saving crews. The planning for this is well underway and is set for early December, which means that we will not be involved in the Christmas Parade this year as the dates/times clash.

Thank you to those members who have already paid their subscriptions for this year.

Stuart Brown

Whitianga Coastguard President

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