Fishing Report - Issue 959

20 Jul 2021

Thursday, 24 June started out as just another day for local Tairua angler Julie Elliott. During an early morning coffee with daughter-in-law, Jane Spicer, a decision was made to go for a “rock hop” north of Tairua’s main beach to see if they could catch a snapper for our club’s Kilwell competition. A short trek of less than one kilometer and they were on a rock that Julie describes as “weedy and fishy,” despite the water being only three metres deep on a bright cloudless day. 

Within minutes the first snapper, a fish of around 2.7kg was landed by Julie, followed by a second of 4.125kg by Jane that was kept only because it was gut hooked. Several other fish were then caught and released, berly was running low and the last four bullet tuna frames were put in the water.

Julie’s last bait of the day, a piper, was cast and immediately grabbed by something big. After a mammoth fight, Julie had a very large snapper at her feet, her largest in over 20 years. Normally, a fish of this quality would be released, said Julie. However, she was entered in the Kilwell competition, so it was decided to bring the fish back to our clubrooms to be weighed where, at 8.170kg, it ultimately won best snapper and helped Julie take the overall title.

Our month-long Kilwell competition was held from Saturday, 5 June, to Saturday, 3 July. The 91 anglers competing weighed a total of 111 fish. Tate Maxwell followed Julie in the heaviest snapper category with a 6.725kg fish and Ian Jowett was third with 6.650kg. The heaviest kahawai (2.480kg) was caught by Nick Salkeld, second was David Brown (2.295kg) and third Kallum Webb (2.270kg). The heaviest trevally went to Quenton Hayward (2.335kg), second Ian Jowett (1.795 kg) and third Glen Strange (1.770kg). The first junior was Aria Daley with a lovely snapper of 6.84kg, second equal Benny and Ardyn Holwerda with a 2.272kg snapper each and third Aria Bradley’s 2.230kg snapper.

Julie Elliot took the overall Kilwell title with a total of 12.97kg from one each of the three species along with top lady angler. It was great to see several Whitianga anglers enter the competition for the first time this year.

There were 24 licensed shooters in the shooting section and 32 geese were entered. Rodney Thomsen won the heaviest goose at 4.61kg, Noah Clarke got most geese with three birds and the average weight goose was won by Warren Maher, 4.15kg.

Mark Friday 13 to Sunday, 15 August in your diary for the Grady White Tairua Boat Show held at the Tairua Marina and surrounding areas between 10:00am and 5:00pm each day. There will be over 50 exhibitors along with demonstrations and workshops on diving, jigging and soft baiting. Entry is $10.00. For more information go to

Our Fish of the Month for June was gurnard and the prize, sponsored by Independent Liquor, was won by Ron Cross with a fish of 0.805 kg. Our Fish of the Month for July is tuna.

Tight lines, 
Wayne Barnes

Pictured: Julie Elliott, winner of the Tairua-Pauanui Sports Fishing Club’s month-long Kilwell tournament that was held from Saturday, 5 June, to Saturday, 3 July. 

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