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Are you a mad scientist?

Coromandel Peninsula | Sat September 30, 2017

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Are you interested in the weird, wacky and explosive?? Join in at your local library where they will be knocking books down, creating extendable monster jaws, and making robotic hands. Register today to explore the world of Mad Science!

Activities will be running every Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10.30-11.30am during the school holidays. The sessions are aimed at 5-13 year olds; however, children under 5 can join if they are accompanied by a guardian. It is recommended that kids 5-6 years old also have a guardian stay with them to assist in the activities. For these holidays there is one activity (Exploding Sticks) with the age limit of 8yrs+.

Book Dominos - Tuesday 3rd October 10.30am
How well do books work as dominos? How long a line of books can we create? Can we make it go up and over obstacles? Can we twist and curve our line of books into words? Experiment with these and more at Book Dominos!

Monster Jaws - Thursday 5th October 10.30am
Extendable Monster Jaws to snap and bite, who wouldn't want to make your own? How do they extend? How do the jaws meet? How scary can you make your Monster Jaws? Create your very own monstrous gnashers at Monster Jaws!

Exploding Sticks (8yrs+) - Tuesday 10th October 10.30am
Watch popsicle sticks fly everywhere with our stick explosions! How does it work? Can you figure it out? Challenge yourself at Exploding Sticks!

Create a Robotic Hand - Thursday 12th October 10.30am
How do the tendons and muscles in hands work? We pulled some strings and now we have our very own moveable hand! If you'd like to create one of your own register now and we'll see you Thursday.


To register please contact your local library:

Mercury Bay Library - 866 4776
Tairua Library - 864 7960
Thames Library - 868 6616

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