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Calling Coromandel exhibitors for Auckland Food Show 2018

Coromandel Peninsula | Wed February 21, 2018

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If you've got your own local, homegrown artisan food or beverage products and want the opportunity to promote your wares to more than 30,000 people - TCDC wants to hear from you.

They'll back at the Auckland Food Show for 2018 with their Coromandel Beach House stand. The Food Show runs from 26-29 July and the stand has space for potentially up to five exhibitors to be involved.

"This will be the fourth year we've been involved in the Auckland Food Show and feedback from previous exhibitors we've taken with us is that it's a really good opportunity to market and sell your products, network and make business contacts," says Laurna White our Communications Group Manager.

The Auckland Food Show has helped put the Coromandel on the map as a food and event destination and also gives a chance to market TCDC's Coromandel Food Trail Guide. 

Some of the local businesses that have been involved in previous years include Castle Rock Café chutneys, sauces and jams, Matatoki Cheese Barn, Thames Valley Bacon, Omahu Valley Citrus and Coromandel Brewing Company.

If you are interested in being part of the stand contact phone 0274 919 388 or email laurna.white@tcdc.govt.nz.


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