Wednesday, 26 February 2020


Community Op Shop calls for donations during Whitianga Town Centre upgrade

Clean out your unwanted belongings and drop them off at the Family Op Shop at 15 Coghill Street Whitianga, a short distance away from phase three of the town centre upgrade.

Whitianga Social Services have owned the store for at least 10 years. They offer new or used goods for low prices, which generates the main source of income in Whitianga to keep the social services operating in our community.

The latest upgrade work has had an impact on the op shop. “We have lost all parking down the service lane, with new parking at the back of the shop where we do drop offs and pickups, so people use these parks now which means the line of sight to our store isn't as good," says Lydia Anthony, treasurer of the Whitianga Social Services Board of Trustees.

“We are not getting as much donated, and sales have dropped by 50%, so we are just fortunate that our services are run by volunteers so we don’t have to pay wages.

"Although a number of other stores in Whitianga are struggling with the construction of the town centre upgrade, we are hoping that the improvement will be of benefit to the shops afterwards,” says Lydia.

The social services team in Whitianga would like to reiterate that even though the road has closed the shop is still open and goods can still be dropped off at the back of the shop.

The Op Shop is the main profit to help the social services run, so anything is appreciated.


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