Sunday, 20 September 2020


Fishing Report - Issue 914

After an extended period of windy days, we finally got one or two days at the end of last week where anglers were able to get out on their boats and have a crack at catching some fish. Unfortunately the wind still got up a bit in the afternoon, so any thought of heading wide for a look was quickly quashed.

A calm morning on Saturday, coinciding with the influx of visitors into Whitianga over the weekend as many Aucklanders were able to escape their latest lockdown, ensured the boat trailer park was chocker and although most people were able to catch what they were looking for, not everyone was completely satisfied.

The two main targets over the weekend were snapper and scallops and it’s fair to say that the results for both species were patchy. I heard a lot from anglers who managed to catch plenty of snapper, but several of them reported that it was hard fishing. A lack of current in some areas certainly seemed to slow things up a bit, but patience and perseverance paid dividends and there were some very nice fish caught. As the wind got up later in the day, many were forced to find more sheltered areas, which may not have been first choice fishing spots and no doubt this slowed things down a bit too. Most of the success was found once again around the Mercury Islands with less fish seemingly caught in the Bay.

The scallop season opened on 1 September and so far it looks like a very slow start to the season. There were a few stories of lucky punters who parked right on top of a bed of scallops and were back with their limit in a short space of time, but by far the majority of people reported that getting the numbers was not easy. While most people managed to get their limit, or close to it, they used a lot of air doing so and had to cover a fair bit of ground. A few people couldn’t find many at all and came home more or less empty handed.

I only heard from people searching for scallops at Opito and Otama, so it will be interesting to see if there are many to be found in the other spots that usually hold these shellfish. The condition of the scallops was good but not spectacular, however there was no doubt that for those who brought some home it was definitely worth the effort.

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