Friday, 04 December 2020


Futher submissions period on proposed district plan soon to open

Futher submissions period on proposed district plan soon to open

Thames Coromandel District Council will be calling for further submissions on their proposed District Plan from Friday 30 May until 5pm Monday 16 June. “Further submissions” are a Resource Management Act requirement and allows people support or oppose a submission that affects them.
In total TCDC received 1,236 submissions on their proposed District Plan, ranging from short one-liners to large volumes. They cover almost the entire plan, but are mostly clustered in the topics - development and growth, biodiversity, landscape and natural character, the coastal environment, heritage and rezoning requests. There were also a lot of “duplicate” submissions on mining and visitor accommodation.
All further submissions must be in the correct format and must be served to the original submitter within five working days after serving it to TCDC. It cannot raise new points. A person can only make a further submission if they represent a relevant aspect of the public interest or have an interest greater than the general public.
“It’s not a numbers game. If you've made an original submission on a point, the District Plan Hearings Panel will fully consider your concerns without you needing to further submit on anyone else," said TCDC District Plan Manager Leigh Robcke.
Further submitters have the same rights as submitters to present at the Proposed District Plan hearings, exchange evidence, take part in discussions and appeal to the Environment Court.
The submission summary and all original submissions can be viewed online at People can also lodge further submission online. Paper copies of the submission summary and original submissions can be viewed at the TCDC offices in Thames, Whitianga, Whangamata and Coromandel Town.


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