Thursday, 27 February 2020


Hahei parking proposals get big response

The Thames Coromandel District Council received more than 300 submissions on their proposals to manage visitor parking in Hahei - the gateway to the increasingly popular Cathedral Cove.

This is a huge amount of feedback from Hahei residents and ratepayers, the wider Coromandel community as well as visitors to the district.

The one-month public consultation on the proposals closed on Monday.

Over the next two weeks council staff will analyse the submissions to determine the level of support for the two options that were proposed, as well as the reasons for and against the proposals. They will also look into the range of other options people proposed in their feedback, including to make no changes to the existing parking rules.

The next step is for councillors to hear from the people who said in their submission that they wanted to speak about their feedback. This hearing will be on Monday 8 October at the Oceans' Resort at 18 Eyre Street in Whitianga at 9am.

Following the hearing, councillors will deliberate on all the submissions they received. If the council decides that changes to the Parking Control Bylaw 2014 should be made, then these will be adopted at the council meeting on Tuesday 30 October in Thames.

Any changes would be implemented in time for summer and the peak visitor season.

Here's a reminder of the two main options TCDC proposed, both of which require our Parking Control Bylaw to be amended. Either:

  • Make all Hahei streets, including berms, resident-only parking from October to April. Or,
  • No parking allowed on entire streets or on parts of streets, including berms, with no exemptions for residents, by way of broken yellow lines.

In addition to any changes to the bylaw that may come about as a result of the consultation, TCDC are already in the process of expanding the capacity of the Hahei Visitor Car Park from the current approx 200 spaces to more than 400 and encouraging visitors to use that. It is currently free to park there and will remain so for the 2018-19 summer, but TCDC say they may decide to levy a parking charge of up to $10/day at that site to help pay for visitor infrastructure improvements.

This week TCDC learned their application to the government's Tourism Infrastructure Fund for improvements in Hahei had been successful. $1,426,841 has been allocated for the Hahei Visitor Car Park upgrade and for improved walking connection between the car park and the beach.

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