Monday, 06 July 2020


Hot Water Beach resident's debut novel published

Talented Hot Water Beach local Deborah Anderson has recently self-published her debut novel, “Through Her Eyes”

With a love for travel, Deborah and her husband, Steve, have visited many different countries. While holidaying in Thailand where they volunteered at an elephant sanctuary, inspiration struck. Passionate about animals, Deborah embarked on writing a fictional adventure story, but which addresses the very real theme of animal cruelty.

Soon returning home, Deborah slipped back into a busy schedule and put the book on hold for three years. It wasn’t until she saw an elephant programme on TV by chance, that she felt compelled to open her old laptop again and pick up where she left off.

An unfortunate back injury resulted in decreased work hours and it seemed the perfect opportunity to devote time to completing the book. During this time the words flowed easily and the story came together effortlessly.

Deborah has never been interested in making money from the novel. Rather she hopes that her writing will educate people on the mistreatment of animals and encourage more awareness around the issue. She mentions such examples as the elephant rides in Thailand. While tourists think they are participating in an exciting and novel experience, really these beautiful creatures are abused into compliance. Deborah feels that if her book helps just one person to better understand these often-hidden issues, then it will have done some good and she will have achieved her goal.   

Most people would be surprised to hear that you don’t even have to be an avid reader to become a writer. While Deborah enjoyed English at school, she has only read a handful of novels and has never pursued any training as a writer. The most she did was contributing to a poetry website for six months some time before embarking on Through her Eyes. Deborah emphasizes that all you need is a story to tell and a desire to achieve your goal.  

Deborah wants to encourage those who are keen to self-publish a book, to just take the leap and do it. She’s had no previous experience in the publishing industry. offers a simple step-by-step procedure that guides you through the process. All you need to do is find yourself an editor. That can be done through a Google search and via email conversations the editor will work with you to ensure your writing comes together in a suitable format. “It’s so easy, anyone can do it,” says Deborah.

If time allows, Deborah would love to write another novel. At the moment she works at Countdown in Whitianga and is planning on purchasing some land with her husband to set up an animal sanctuary and B&B. She would also love to foster her passion for animals, while giving others the opportunity to do so as well, in a relaxing and tranquil environment.

Through Her Eyes is suitable for readers of all ages and is available to order through (search for “Through Her Eyes: Inspired by True Events”).

Picture: Deborah Anderson with a copy of her debut novel, “Through Her Eyes.”


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