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Inaugural Matarangi Doubles Tennis Tournament to be played early next year

The inaugural You Travel Matarangi Doubles Tennis Tournament will be played on Sunday 6 January next year. The tournament forms part of this summer’s Matarangi Summer Festival.

Matarangi resident Chris Palmer is the main organiser of the tournament. He’s assisted by Rhys Mathias, a fellow Matarangi resident. “Thames-Coromandel District Council has recently covered the two tennis courts opposite the Dunes Golf Course in Matarangi with a new artificial grass surface, which is calling for a bit of a celebration,” says Chris. “It makes sense to have the tournament during the summer holidays to attract some bach owners and holidaymakers who are keen tennis players as well.”

The tournament will be made up of men’s and women’s divisions. There are no age groups. “The exact format of the tournament will depend on the number of entries we get,” says Chris. “We probably won’t be able to accommodate more than 16 doubles pairs entering each of the men’s and women’s divisions. If we get 16 entries in each division, we can play a knock-out tournament where the champions and runners-up would have played three matches in total. Less entries and we may have to look at a round robin type of format.

“I envisage the first two rounds of a knock-out tournament to consist of the first to seven games with a tie-break at six all. The final will be the first to nine games with a tie-break at eight all.

“Although we want to see some competitive tennis, we want everyone to have fun. Bring the family, the beach umbrella, a blanket and a picnic. The best part of a tennis tournament is always next to the courts.”

“We’ll have to cut off entries for the tournament on Friday 4 January, so people shouldn’t delay to enter. There’s always a bit of work going into determining who’s playing who, it cannot simply happen on the day. The four champions will each receive a trophy to take home. Rhys and I want to say a big thank you to Monett Johnston, the owner of You Travel Whitianga, for coming on board as our inaugural sponsor.

“We hope the tournament will be a success and will become a feature of the Matarangi Summer Festival. The format may, of course, evolve over the years. Who knows, we may see singles’ divisions being played at some point in the future.”

Both Chris and Rhys were top club tennis players before they retired to Matarangi. They’re part of a group of approximately eight Matarangi residents who regularly play a few games of tennis on Monday afternoons.

To enter the tournament on 6 January, phone Chris on (027) 271 9376 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It will cost $10 per doubles pair to enter. Chris and Rhys plan to hold the tournament briefing at 10:00am on the day of the tournament, with the first games kicking off at 10:30am.

The Matarangi Santa Parade on Sunday 23 December will be the first event of this summer’s Matarangi Summer Festival. Other events over the following few weeks include a sandcastle competition, bike decorating, bingo, fishing competitions cardboard “boat” racing and jet ski racing.

Pictured: Chris Palmer, one of the organisers of the You Travel Matarangi Doubles Tennis Tournament on the courts where the tournament will be played.


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