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Inspired by men greater than me

Inspired by men greater than me

The Lost Spring’s new shop in Whitianga - not just a business decision, motivation for a vision

Why is The Lost Spring opening a shop in Albert Street,in the middle of Whitianga? After all, the day resort, with its thermal pools, spa and café, is only a few kilometres further up the road. A talk to Alan Hopping, the developer and owner, revealed not only the reasoning behind the decision, but also the motivation and vision of a man who achieved something most people would think impossible.

This story is more about Alan’s motivation and vision than the shop in town. The shop in town is a marketing tool. “We have to take The Lost Spring to the people,” said Alan. “But that’s not all we want the shop to be. We are so grateful towards all the businesses in Mercury Bay referring guests to us. We want to do our bit to promote our area and the businesses in it too. I think the shop will play an important part in that, hopefully in a way that will be exciting to everyone.

“Tourism is Mercury Bay’s major industry. We can talk about ways to grow our local economy that will cost a lot of money. And certainly some things like an international standard hotel are needed. But we have some low hanging fruit too, which we shouldn’t ignore. “Just imagine how much extra business we’ll all be able to generate if we can convince our inbound tourists to stay an extra night. How can we do that? Information is the most important commodity we can share with our tourists when they arrive in Whitianga. The central and northern parts of the Coromandel have so much to
offer, not just Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach.


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