Tuesday, 26 May 2020


Internationally-acclaimed dressage master in Whitianga

Señor Ramόn Guerrero, an internationally-acclaimed classical dressage trainer, was in Whitianga recently to provide local horse enthusiasts with riding lessons. He travels to Whitianga a few times every year.

Originally from Spain and with more than 47 years’ experience from the age of 14, Ramόn is a seasoned horseman and riding master. He’s at the moment living in Queensland.

Ramόn was first introduced to Whitianga about 14 years ago by local horse riders Anne Nicol and Tina Fagan. “I absolutely love Whitianga,” he says. “It’s stunning, but I prefer to come here in the warmer months when it isn’t so wet.”

Over the years Ramόn has designed a series of unique choreographed gymnastic exercises that enable him to train horses without the use of force. He’s sought after by riders and equine trainers for his holistic approach to the training, development and rehabilitation of horses.

Ramón’s philosophy towards training is to have the horse finish training in a relaxed state of mind. He places an emphasis on the positive mental and physical development of the horse. “Riding is a pleasure,” he says. “Both the horse and rider need to enjoy the exercise. It will lead to better performance and longevity for the horse.”       

After completing years of classical horsemanship training at the Royal Spanish Academy, one of the most advanced traditional riding academies in the world, Ramόn became a co-founder of the Royal Andalusion School of Equestrian Art in Spain.

In 1972, Ramón was chosen to perform as a guest rider with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna for their 400th anniversary performances in London and Paris.

Three years later, Ramόn moved to Western Australia, where he founded a classical horse dancing show, “El Caballo Blanco,” the first classical dancing horse show produced in the Southern Hemisphere. Not long after, he established a dancing show of the same name in Sydney, where he was the producer, trainer and director.

In 1982, Ramόn purchased a team of horses of varying breeds which he trained for a new show, “International Dancing Stallions of Australia,” on the Gold Coast opposite the Dreamworld theme park. Stallions from nine different countries presented a magnificent display of dance and dressage.

Since 1990, Ramόn has focused on instructing and spreading his knowledge of horsemanship and the equestrian arts throughout Spain, New Zealand and Australia, offering clinics, seminars and private tuition.

In 2007, Ramόn was invited back to Western Australia to train for and perform in the return of El Caballo Blanco, which ran from June until September.

Ramόn has also published the book, “Approaching Perfection: The Art of Classical Horsemanship,” and last year was featured in the New Zealand Horse & Pony magazine. He’s currently in the planning stages of publishing a book on healthy living.

In April this year, Ramόn will be judging at the Andalusian Horse Association of Australia national championships and running a dressage clinic in South Australia.

Now technically semi-retired and with no horses of his own anymore, Ramόn plans to continue giving riding lessons on a casual basis, but aims to spend more time relaxing. “I love spending time in New Zealand,” he says. “I’d like to do more fishing and more skiing in the winter, and I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise.”

Pictured: Whitianga local, Stacey Tatton, and her horse, Mika, during an afternoon riding lesson last week with acclaimed dressage trainer, Ramόn Guerrero.


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