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Know a local hero? Nominate them for a TCDC Community Service Award

Coromandel Peninsula | Fri February 23, 2018

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Nominations for the TCDC Community Service Awards are now open, so if you know somebody who goes above and beyond to make your community a better place, put them forward for an award.

The awards are held every two years to acknowledge some of the people who strive quietly to serve our communities, often with little recognition and no pay.

At considerable personal expense and sacrifice, these individuals make substantial efforts toward achieving the ambitions and goals of their community.

Their commitment, generosity and dedication are unquestionable and Council's Community Service Awards are a way of giving some well-deserved recognition to these unsung heroes of our communities.

Nominations are now being called for the 2018 Awards. To fill in a nomination form go to the TCDC website.

They are taking nominations until 29 March and the awards will be granted in June.

At its meeting this week, Council approved the judging panel of Mayor Sandra Goudie and South-East Ward Councillor Jan Bartley, Mercury Bay Ward Councillor Tony Fox and Thames Ward Councillor Rex Simpson.

2018 Community Service Award nominations criteria

·         A nominee must be resident in the District at the time services were rendered.

·         The services for which the nominee is recommended must be related to activity within the District, or directly benefitting the District.

·         Awards won't be made where nominees have been rewarded in some form or other for their service by recognition, by presentation of some alternative honour, by organisational service award, or by payment of wages for services rendered.

·         Awards will not be presented posthumously.

·         An award may recognise outstanding long-term service to a community organisation(s); or any other activity or action which is considered worthy of award by our Council.

Awards will be granted:

·         At a rate of up to three Community Service awards on a two-yearly basis.

·         Awards ceremony will be held at a Council meeting in June.

·         After presentation of a nomination by at least two nominees.

·         After consideration by a special committee of Council charged to investigate the circumstance of the nomination.

·         After a formal resolution of Council to make the award in accordance with the recommendations of the special committee.

2016 Community Service Awards Recipients

Diane Norris: for her selfless and tireless work with, among many others, Alzheimers Waikato and the Anglican Church.

Morrie Dunwoodie: for his voluntary and primary role in establishing, managing and helping to run The Treasury which houses the Hauraki-Coromandel Archive & Family Research Centre in Thames.

Ian Feasey: for his involvement with the Lions Club of Whangamata, Waireka Place Reserve and with the Whangamata Senior Net.

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