Sunday, 07 June 2020


Lead the way - Spring dog control campaign

On the Coromandel residents are lucky to be able to take their best canine buddies almost anywhere, whether it's down to the beach or for a stroll into town for a bite to eat. What people might not realise is that everyone needs to have their dog on lead in most areas unless specified.

Thames Coromandel District Council says they have noticed an increase in both formal and informal complaints around dog issues in this district. TCDC's bylaws team will be spending more time stopping and talking to dog owners about the local rules, especially if dogs aren't on-lead where they should be. They will have information to share on dog control bylaw and a free dog lead for dog owners to take home.

This is to make sure everyone can enjoy the area's public spaces and there's a safe environment for dog and non-dog people.

TCDC are running the 'Lead the way' campaign over spring so that local communities can help set the scene for when visitors come over the busy summer period. The idea is that if locals follow the rules and have their dog on a lead in public, then visitors will follow that lead.

TCDC's Dog Control Bylaw: TCDC have dog controls in place to strike a balance between the diverse community needs and preferences. There are also have legal requirements under the Dog Control Act 1996 for community health and safety, and to provide exercise and recreational opportunities for dogs and their owners. TCDC have also considered the need to protect indigenous wildlife such as New Zealand dotterel and kiwi. Dogs are usually prohibited from protected bird habitats from Labour Weekend to 1 March, which is during dotterel breeding season.

Dogs on beaches: In between 20 December and 31 January and public holiday weekends, most beaches have time restrictions for when dogs are allowed on the beach, if at all.

Walking a dog on-lead: It is important to remember that dogs need to be on-lead when walking around local roads and town centres. TCDC provide off-leash dog exercise areas which are sign posted and can be found on their website.

  • If in doubt about when and where to can walk a dog, keep an eye out for signs and maps, pop into one of the council offices or head to the website
  • For information on dog access to conservation land check



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