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Major Events Sponsorship Funding applications now open

Major Events Sponsorship Funding applications now open

If you're looking to establish a major event on the Coromandel, you could be eligible for money from Thames Coromandel District Council’s Major Events Sponsorship funding.

Two application rounds are planned for the 2014-15 financial year in June and September.
The first round of funding will target the upcoming Spring /Summer events window and opened Monday 26 May, while the second round of funding should be open for applications in September, to target the Autumn/Winter 2015 events window.
Applications are to be assessed using the following criteria -

  • The event is unique to the Coromandel.
  • The event will garner strong national and regional media profile.
  • The event will attract holiday-home owners back to the Coromandel.
  • The event will attract domestic tourists (and internationals if they are already in NZ).
  • Preference is given to shoulder-season events (off-peak).
  • The event will attract strong support from Destination Coromandel and the private sector.
  • The event has the potential to grow to become an icon event.
  • An annual event is preferred - if it is a “one-off” event, it must have a track record of success in other places.
  • Beneficiaries of the 2013/2014 Major Events Funding are Illume Coromandel Town Winter Festival of Light ($50,000), the Thames Mindsport Festival ($12,500) and the Tairua Wet and Wild Jetski Event ($2,500).

Decisions will be made in July 2014 for the first round of funding applications.

More information and an application form can be found at


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