Thursday, 22 August 2019


New faces at Mercury Bay Recreation Trust

New faces at Mercury Bay Recreation Trust

There are some new faces at the Mercury Bay Recreation Trust.

Deli Connell and Bill McLean, who are also Mercury Bay Community Board members, have come on board with Mr McLean taking over chairmanship from Doug Bourne, who has decided to step down.

Other new members are Gary Fitzsimons, a tourism and transport operator with two sports-mad boys, Kiri Moore, a local businesswoman who enjoys multi-sport events, Wayne Malcolm, a Mercury Bay resident for nine years with a strong involvement in the building industry and Mike Brown a retired consulting engineer based in Whitianga.

"We're looking forward to being actively involved in the promotion and development of the Mercury Bay Multi-Sport Park," said Mr McLean.  "We're already embracing the work and wanting to encourage relationships with all sport and recreation groups."

The Mercury Bay Recreation Trust is an incorporated society which was established in 2011 to promote and develop the Mercury Bay Sports Park and recreation opportunities in the Mercury Bay. Its main objective is to foster relationships with sports and recreation groups and apply for external funding for various aspects of the park that will not be funded by Thames Coromandel District Council.

The Trust is also closely linked to working with the Mercury Bay Multi-Sport Park coordinator, Sue Costello. Sue's role is to liaise directly with the codes and coordinate bookings and events at the Park.

"Right now we're working on developing a sponsorship policy for the Sports Park as well as prioritising projects that need funding and then seeking funding opportunities for these," said Mr McLean.

The Trust's most recent funding success has been for trestle tables and chairs, three drinking fountains, rugby and football goal posts and a fully equipped kitchen with fridge and mobile barbeque. An application to a funding agency for further rugby goal posts has been submitted recently and the Trust is also working on obtaining quotes for lights in the car park, turf area and netball courts.

"Next on the agenda is investigating options for a temporary function room which can accommodate the needs of the codes in the short-term," said Mr McLean.



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