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Please take your fireworks home with you

Coromandel Peninsula | Tue January 02, 2018

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Fire and Emergency New Zealand is asking people to take any fireworks home following a major fire at Fletchers Bay in the Coromandel. The fire, which burnt through five hectares, is believed to have been started by fireworks.

“The Fletchers Bay fire is an example of the risk of fireworks, and the challenge of fire fighting in an isolated area,” says Paul Shaw, Principal Rural Fire Officer for the Thames Coromandel.

“It is very dry in the Coromandel and the recent rain has not been enough to make a real difference. People need to be aware of the risks and the consequences of their actions.”

“Especially as some of the things that make the Coromandel so special – the bush and the isolation – also make it particularly hard to get to and fight any fires that do start”.

“The last thing we want is for people’s summer holidays to be ruined by a fire that causes harm to people, or damages property or our environment,” said Paul Shaw.

“A total fire ban is in place for the whole peninsula, and that includes beach bonfires and fireworks. If you have any fireworks left, please take them home with you – the risk simply isn’t worth it.”


For more information, contact:

Paul Shaw, Principal Rural Fire Officer Thames Coromandel, phone 027 2848636


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