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Sandbags for our vulnerable communities

Coromandel Peninsula | Fri January 26, 2018

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TCDC have distributed approximately 10,000 sandbags to coastal communities around the district ahead of potential coastal flooding ahead of king tides which are forecast between 1-5 February.

They received a number of enquiries from residents on the Thames Coast regarding the availability of sandbags after the 5 January storm tide.

At this stage the wind direction for early February is forecast to be north to north-east, which means that some of the vulnerable properties on the Eastern Seaboard may also like to collect bags just in case.

"We have identified vulnerable areas to be properties close to the coastline and particularly those who were recently affected by the January king tide weather event," says our Civil Defence Controller, Garry Towler.

"We have a limited number of sandbags and are asking only the most at-risk property owners and residents to collect them and please take only the number you require to ensure that they are available to all those in need," says Mr Towler.

The sandbags will need to be filled with either sand or dirt and the key recommendation to ensure effectiveness of sandbags is to lay plastic/polythene against the building to be protected before packing the sandbags.

Information will be available at the locations below on how to fill and place the sandbags.

Sandbags will be available to collect by this weekend from the following locations:

West Coast

Tapu Store
Te Pure Hall
Tararu Store
Coromandel Council Office

East Coast

Kuaotunu Fire Station
Cooks Beach Fire Station
Hahei Fire Station
Whitianga Council Office
Whangapoua Fire Station
Matarangi Fire Station

"We just want to make sure that if, by chance, a weather event does occur, you, your family and mates are sorted and can get by, and get through, until we can get to you. While you're getting ready for the long weekends just take a few minutes, and give some thought, about packing a few extras to leave in the boot if you are visiting or stash in the closet if you're at the beach house or bach," says Mr Towler.

"Things like warm clothing, a torch, radio, batteries, some water and dried or packaged food, a first aid kit and essential medicines. What about the rest of your family or mates, make sure they can look after themselves as well, for at least 3 days if necessary."

"Early next week we will be working alongside Civil Defence to provide updates and  keep people informed during the lead up to Waitangi weekend. Download the Red Cross alert app before you arrive, it is one of a number of ways we can warn and keep in touch with you," he says.

NZ Civil Defence has prepared the Get Ready, Get Thru website with lots of information about planning for emergencies. If you get ready, then you can get through.

It's also important to stay informed before, during and after emergencies. The more avenues of communication available to you, the better.


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