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Scott Dixon to return to Leadfoot Festival 2018

Coromandel Peninsula | Wed September 20, 2017

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The Leadfoot Festival is a unique weekend bringing together a mix of classic cars, vintage motorcycles and motorsport legends. Tickets are offered to the general public with an invitation to Rod and Shelly Millen’s private grounds at Leadfoot Ranch. The 150 acre, ocean-front estate in Hahei on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula features a long driveway that winds through the property designed to be the perfect hill climb. Guests are given one of a kind experiences featuring unparalleled access to the competitors, pits and race vehicles. The Leadfoot Festival is designed for men and women, boys and girls. Visitors dress in period style clothing to step back in time making the Leadfoot Festival an incredible family experience and a true celebration of motorsports and all things automotive.

The selection of machinery on Leadfoot Ranch will include a spectacular array of some the world’s finest competition cars and motorcycles. From classic formula and road race cars to off-road machines and vintage motorcycles, the Leadfoot Festival attracts competitors and race cars reminiscent of many eras in an enthusiastic display of speed, style, sound, smell and colour.

Rod Millen personally hand selects championship racers from around the world to receive the coveted invitation to participate in the Leadfoot Festival. A collection of static celebrated vintage cars and bikes will line areas of the paddocks to complete the weekend.

In 2018, four time IndyCar Champion Race driver Scott Dixon will race once more. Dixon, who has competed for Chip Ganassi Racing since joining IndyCar in 2003  has won the Indy Car championship in 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2015 and won the 92nd Indianapolis 500 in 2008 from pole position. 

With 41 wins, Dixon is the leading non-U.S. driver in American Championship Cars, and is the leading active driver in the current IndyCar Series with 40 wins.

He was selected in a worldwide poll among fans as one of the 33 greatest drivers in Indianapolis 500 history.


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