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SH25 Thames Coast Recovery Update

Coromandel Peninsula | Thu January 11, 2018

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SH25 fully open to light vehicles however long delays are still likely.

State Highway 25 north of Thames is now fully open to light traffic after the cordons and convoys were removed on the evening Wednesday 11 January.

However motorists are advised that the journey along the Thames Coast highway will continue to take a lot longer than usual due to stop/go traffic control and speed restrictions in a number of locations between Thames and Manaia.

Drivers of heavy vehicles over five tonnes are reminded that they are not permitted on SH25 between Te Puru and Manaia to avoid further damage to vulnerable sections of the road. These vehicles are able to take the alternative route via SH25A from Kopu and SH25 on the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula, shown on the map below.

With the repair works now fully under way contractors are putting in extra effort to minimise the effect on local residents. There are water carts and sweepers on site and temporary seal will be laid in some locations to suppress dust before a final seal is applied later.

There are six crews working in different locations to repair and strengthen sea protection walls, with over 1700 tonnes of rock being brought in each day.  

The road will continue to be a work site for some time yet and motorists are asked to take extra care for their own safety, the safety of site staff and to prevent further damage to the highway.

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