Thursday, 16 July 2020


Surprise visitor to Mercury Bay after storm

Surprise visitor to Mercury Bay after storm

When Kevin Robinson from Whitianga woke up the morning after the storm last week, he found a grey-headed albatross in his back yard. Concerned that the bird was injured, he captured it and took it to Annemieke Kregting in Kuaotunu. Annemieke is known as Mercury Bay’s saviour of injured and stray birds.

Annemieke noticed that the albatross was tagged and got hold of the Department of Conservartion. Their inquiries revealed that the bird was tagged in Australia.

Upon further investigation it has now come to light that the bird was tagged as a chick on Macquarie Island, between New Zealand and Antarctica, on 1 March this year. “It’s pretty awesome that a bird which is likely less than six months old is already more than 2,500km away from where it was hatched,” said Annemieke.

The bird was fortunately not injured and was last week Thursday released at Matarangi.

Adult grey-headed albatrosses averages 81cm in length and a 2.2m wingspan.  


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