Thursday, 27 February 2020


TCDC building meeting will benefit everyone

TCDC building meeting will benefit everyone

Thames Coromandel District Council will hold a builders stakeholders meeting on Thursday 22 May in the Supper Room of the Whitianga Town Hall.

According to John Kardas, Building Manager of TCDC, the meeting will benefit everyone with an interest in the property industry, not only builders and DIYers.

“The list of exempt works that doesn’t require a building consent has changed. Property owners who want to put a new window in a wall wouldn’t now need a building consent to get the work done,” said John. “And they wouldn’t have to use a licenced builder. They can do the job themselves. But, if they decide to do it and Council doesn’t know about it, are they just creating some problems down the road for themselves? Would a future purchaser of their property be concerned about the quality of the work they did themselves?

“That’s the sort of thing we’ll address at the meeting.

“Another thing we’ll talk about is that we’ve created a new range of forms that will make it easier for people to determine if they’ll need a consent to do something or not. Basically, if they’re unsure, they just have to ask. We’ll tell them if they have to do anything and we’ll be happy to put their request and our answer on our file for the property. That may help to give future purchasers of the property peace of mind they wouldn’t otherwise have had.”

The meeting will start at 3:30pm and is expected to last two hours. There will be ample time for questions.


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