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TCDC online dog renewal registrations available now

Coromandel Peninsula | Wed July 05, 2017

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To make things easier this year,TCDC have moved to an online payment system for dog registration renewals with options to pay either bank account to bank account or by credit card.

If your dog is currently registered withTCDC, you can pay your annual fee by credit card, a credit/debit card or bank account to bank account using our online payment facility. Using this method eliminates the need to fill in the Dog Maintenance form and your tag will be mailed out to you.

You will need to have your dog reference number as shown on your renewal letter to use the online payment service. If any details on this letter are incorrect, please update the details using the Dog Maintenance Form before making a payment.

Alternatively you can pay your annual fee by sending the payment back with the notice we send out this week, and you can use this notice to update any incorrect details. You don't need to attend an office unless you want to pay over the counter.

Please note online payment rebates for fourth and subsequent working dogs is not available using the online payment facility. To obtain a rebate for fourth and subsequent dogs, a statutory declaration must be completed and attached to your renewal registration papers to be sent back or brought in over the counter at one of Council's offices.

Registering your dog for the first time on the Coromandel? Get in touch with TCDC Customer Service staff so they can talk you through the details and also find out about dog exercise areas and the restrictions on beaches at certain times of the year and other useful tips. For more information call TCDC on 07 868 0200 or email customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz.


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