Wednesday, 12 August 2020


TCDC sign to signpost different access points to Cathedral Cove

An alternative track to Cathedral Cove has opened in Lees Road outside Hahei on Boxing Day last year. The track, as well as a car park to service users of the track, were developed on private land owned by Hahei Limousin Limited.

To access the track costs the same as making use of the park and ride facility operating in Hahei between the car park Thames-Coromandel District Council developed at the village entrance to the start of the Department of Conservation’s Cathedral Cove track at the top of Grange Road.

The track joins into the Department of Conservation’s Cathedral Cove track approximately 200m from the cove.

“Our track is approximately the same distance as DOC’s Cathedral Cove track and provide walkers with an entirely different experience through a valley which forms part of a working farm,” says Ian Carter, a director of Hahei Limousin. “We’re planning to develop mountain bike tracks on our land as well.”

Thames-Coromandel District Council was initially going to develop a car park on Hahei Limousin’s land, but has recently reached an agreement with the company not to do any work on private land. “The agreement between [TCDC] and [Hahei Limousin] is confidential,” says Allan Tiplady, TCDC’s Area Manager North.

When Hahei Limousin opened their private track, a sign has been attached to a privately-owned farm gate directly opposite the Link Road/Hahei Road/Hahei Beach Road intersection, directing traffic to “Cathedral Cove Car Park Lees Road.” The sign has caused some confusion among tourists, with reports of traffic backing up at some stage more than 200m down Link Road.

The sign has been taken down on Monday this week.

“[We are] currently working on a permanent sign [to be erected at the Link Road/Hahei Road/Hahei Beach Road intersection], which will signpost the different access point to Cathedral Cove from Hahei Village and from Lees Road,” says Mr Tiplady. “This is being discussed with the Hahei Business Association and we hope to have it finalised in the next week…”

Picture: The valley through which Hahei Limousin’s private track to Cathedral Cove has been developed.


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