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The 2017-18 Major Events Fund is now open for applications

Coromandel Peninsula | Mon July 03, 2017

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Have you got an event that has the potential to become iconic to the Coromandel - will attract domestic and international tourists as well as our holiday home owners  - and can be run outside of peak summer? You could be eligible for support through TCDC's Major Event Fund.

The 2017-18 Major Events Fund is now open for applications. The Fund is "open-ended," in that applications can be made throughout the 12 month period - from 1 July 2017 through to 30 June 2018.

"Our Major Events Fund has been going now for three years, but this year Council has supported amending the criteria for applicants," says Laurna White TCDC Communications, Events and Marketing Manager. "This is after reviewing the past successes of the Major Events Fund, along with experience we now have dealing with event organisers, which has helped us assess what has worked and  what hasn't," says Mrs White.

Criteria for applications to the Major Events fund are:

  • Assistance will only be available for events held within the Thames-Coromandel District
  • The event will be unique to the Coromandel.
  • Have a strong national and regional media profile.
  • Attract holiday-home owners.
  • Attract domestic tourists and internationals if they are already in New Zealand.
  • Attract at least 5000 visitor days to the Coromandel or equivalent economic impact that can be quantified and measured.
  • Attract strong support from RTO and private sector support.
  • Have the potential to become an iconic event.
  • Community Events will not be eligible for the Major Events funding (guided by number of visitor days or equivalent economic impact measurement).
  • Events held in the shoulder season will receive preference.
  • All successful applicants must acknowledge the support of the Thames-Coromandel District Council on any correspondence, advertising or other publicity material and co-brand events with the "Good for Your Soul" positioning (Destination Coromandel)
  • Applications must be made on the form available (Major Events Application Form)
  • A business case is required with each application.
  • Applicants will adhere to all legal requirements for the provision of the event.
  • All applications must be accompanied by the most current statement of financial position available and a budget projection for the event.
  • The Major Events fund is not for the payment of wages or honorariums.
  • Any Major Event funds not spent on the project for which the funds were applied for by the close of the Council’s financial year must be returned to the Thames-Coromandel District Council unless written approval to retain the funds is obtained from Council.
  • A report on the success of the event (with measurement data, along with clarification/evidence i.e. tax invoice) that the fund was spent appropriately to be provided to the District Events coordinator, four weeks after the event has been held.

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