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Waikato communities take action to protect kauri

Coromandel Peninsula | Wed November 22, 2017

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"It’s fantastic to see local community groups taking action to protect threatened kauri", says Waikato Regional Council.

“With these iconic forest giants increasingly threatened by kauri dieback disease, we’re really proud of these groups and the work they are doing,” says biosecurity officer Kim Parker.

Coromandel’s Driving Creek Railway and Potteries operation has installed two gear cleaning stations to help prevent the spread of disease on the likes of shoes and boots.

They’re also looking at a range of other actions to help protect kauri near their facilities and are actively spreading the message to clean gear and equipment before going into areas with kauri.

The Sudarshanaloka Buddhist Retreat near Thames has installed three cleaning stations and have cleaning packs available for people to use when they are staying at the retreat.

The Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve at Tauhei north of Hamilton has completed a board walk to help protect the reserve’s beautiful kauri. It’s also been working with schools to promote conservation and the “protect kauri” message.

“These groups are really passionate and proactive about making sure kauri are protected in their patches and to educate everyone around them,” says Kim.

“Ultimately it’s through the combined actions of agencies and communities that kauri will be protected and these guys are real shining examples of doing the right thing.”

Kim notes that the Coromandel Kauri Dieback Forum, which has been advocating for years to protect kauri on the Coromandel, is also gearing up for their annual summer campaign. “This is a group of passionate volunteers who are really making an impact.”

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