Saturday, 20 July 2019


Whitianga Police Report - 28 May to 4 June

Report provided by Sergeant Andrew Morrison.


The Wharekaho area has been the target of burglaries over the past few weeks and anyone with information in relation to this offending is requested to contact the Police.

Please secure your property as best you can to make it as hard as possible for thieves to steal your stuff.

At least three cars were flooded and needed to be towed on the main highway out of town with the recent flooding in our area.

Most vehicles have minimal protection from even relatively shallow water levels and Police advice is to relax and wait for flood waters to recede.


3rd - 1 x 22-year-old local woman for Disorderly Behaviour.


Three Family harm incidents attended this week.

On the 3rd a family argued at a Tudor Grove address after a party and they separated to consider their options.

A woman and her daughter argued at a Centennial Drive address and a woman and her son argued at a Meadow Drive address on the 4th with sound advice given to both families. 

On the 29th a residential property on Stormont Lane was burgled with money and an iPhone stolen, while on the 30th a Joseph Road, Wharekaho property was burgled with the offender turning off the power and spoiling frozen food.

On the 31st two surfboards were stolen from the rear of a Matarangi Drive address, while on the 1st a small quantity of cash and a phone charger were stolen from a Wharekaho Road address.

Also on the 1st a Wharekaho Crescent property was burgled with the house searched, while another Wharekaho Crescent holiday home was burgled on the 4th. Both victims are still to confirm if property has been stolen.

A vehicle parked in Joan Gaskell Drive overnight was broken into on the 4th and a camera and binoculars stolen. An unsuccessful attempt was made to start the vehicle with damage caused to the ignition area.


One drunk driver apprehended this week.

4th - 1 x 51-year-old local woman for Driving with Excess Breath Alcohol 477/250.

A driver lost control of his vehicle on Purangi Road on the 1st crashing into a bank. Wet weather and bald tyres contributed to this crash, thankfully no one was injured.



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