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Whitianga Police Report for Monday 20 April to Monday 27 April

Whitianga Police Report for Monday 20 April to Monday 27 April


An excellent turn out to Whitianga’s ANZAC Service with the majority of our town attending.

I was very impressed with those in attendance standing fast, especially when the rain came as most weren't wearing raincoats as the morning had started out with fine weather.

There were no issues with any of the parades in our immediate area.


23rd - 1 x 21yr old local man for Theft and Breaching Prison Release Conditions.

24th - 1 x 20yr old Matamata man for Wilful Damage (x6)


One domestic incident attended this week.

On the 23rd we dealt with a Breach of Protection Order where a couple were arguing over custody issues and text messages were getting abusive.

On the 21st a residential property on Annette Place was burgled with the offender smashing a window to gain access.

The home owner is still to establish if property was stolen.

On the 22nd a car Unlawfully Taken from an Isabella Street address was later located on White Street.

On the 23rd a floral-coloured skate board was stolen from the wharf area and two gas bottles were stolen from outside a Clipper Place address on the 24th.

Also on the 24th number plates were stolen from a Joan Gaskell Drive car park and have been linked to a stolen vehicle located on Mill Road.

On the 26th a car was Unlawfully Taken from a party on South Highway and the offender crashed it a short distance from the address and decamped.

Enquiries are continuing with a named suspect.

As per the arrest above an intoxicated man caused damage along Cook Drive on the 26th and he will be able to explain his actions to a Judge.


Two drunk drivers apprehended this week.

20th - 1 x 30yr old local man 657/250 and also Driving Whilst Disqualified.

25th - 1 x 24yr old local woman 761/250

No serious crashes to report.


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