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Whitianga Police Report for Monday 31st July to Monday 7th August, 2017

Coromandel Peninsula | Tue August 08, 2017

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The attempted arson of a Meadow Drive address on the 4th put a family including young children at risk and we need your help to identify those responsible.

The offender has thrown a plastic bottle containing ignited fuel at the rear of the dwelling and it is extremely lucky the occupants heard the noise and were able to extinguish the fire before damage was caused.

If you know anything in relation to this or other offending please call us directly or call “0800CRIMESTOPPERS”


1st – 1 x 35yr old Thames woman for being Unlawfully on Property.

3rd – 1 x 19yr local old man for Burglary and Wilful Damage.

5th – 1 x 20yr old Coromandel man for Breach of Bail.


One domestic incident attended this week.

On the 5th a young couple and flatmates argued at a Meadow Drive address and sound advice was given, with the couple spending time apart to calm down.

Over the last week truck tyres were cut at a Cook drive address, while between the 29th and 31st number plates “EFB484” were stolen from Carina Way.

As per the arrest above a woman was found unlawfully at an accommodation provider on Albert Street on the 1st.

4 mag wheels were stolen from a Mitsubishi Pajero parked on South Highway on the 2nd, while also that day honey syrup tanks at a 309 Road address were intentionally disconnected causing thousands of litres to run onto the ground.

On the 3rd an offender knocked on a residential door in Cook Drive and then ran off when the lights were turned on.

Two men were spoken too and trespassed in relation to illegal hunting on private property at Opito on the 4th.      


No drunk drivers apprehended this week.

Conditions are still cold and wet so please slow down and take care.

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