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Whitianga Police Report for the period 12 January to 19 January 2015

Whitianga Police Report for the period 12 January to 19 January 2015


While writing this report I am aware of two burglaries that have happened in the past couple of days. One related to the burglary of a licensed premises on The Esplanade, while the other relates to an insecure residential garage on Endeavour Close. Alcohol was targeted in both burglaries. Please make it as hard as possible for criminals to steal your stuff.   

This week another three local people were suspended from driving because they had accumulated excess demerit points.

This means that they accumulated 100 or more demerit points for poor driving habits within two years and they were suspended from driving for three months.

Each person suspended commented on the difficulty having their drivers licence suspended would cause in terms of family and work commitments.

There is no doubt that having your licence suspended would be difficult, however if your driving is of such poor standard that you accumulate demerit points, then you need to realise that there are consequences.

If you are concerned that you have demerit points nearing 100, please remember that if you drive within the rules then demerit points are cleared after two years.    


17th - 1 x 30yr old local man for Disorderly Behaviour.


One domestic incident attended last week on the 17th which related to a drunk couple arguing on Buffalo Beach Road and resulted in the arrest and subsequent transporting of the man to hospital to sober up.

A White Dunlop bicycle was unlawfully taken from an Albert Street address on the 16th.

We also had a complaint of a man calling door to door collecting for an established charity and that the complainant believed he was far too pushy trying to get a donation, even to the extent he requested a credit card payment when he was told they had no cash.

Politely ask people to leave if you don't want them at your address and if they refuse call us so we can move them on and ensure they are legitimate collectors. 


No drunk drivers were apprehended this week and no serious crashes to report.



Should Waikato DHB fund the provision of some public healthcare services in a new multi-service medical facility in Whitianga?

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