Thursday, 03 December 2020


Whitianga Police Report Monday 27 July to Monday 3 August, 202

By Sergeant Andrew Morrison

Monday 27 July to Monday 3 August, 2020 


There were three incidents reported in relation to Unlawful Hunting and it is not acceptable to hunt on private property without the permission of the landowner.

Anyone caught unlawfully hunting can expect to explain their actions in court and to have their firearms licence considered for revocation.

There is a lot of public land available for hunting, with further information available from local pig hunting clubs and The Department of Conservation.

Hopefully, everyone who wants to discuss policing in our community with the Waikato East Police Leadership Team with attend the meeting which is to be held in the Whitianga Town Hall on Friday 7 August starting at 6:00pm.      


31st - 1 x 22 year-old local man for Assaulting a Person in a Family Relationship and various firearms offences.


Four Family Harm incidents attended this week.

On the 30th, a man and his adult daughter argued at a South Highway address and Police were called after a physical confrontation, while on the 1st, a couple argued about their relationship at a State Highway 25 address, with a similar incident at a Kawakawa address on the 2nd.

Also on the 2nd, a couple argued at their Hahei Road address. All of the above family harm incidents resulting in the couples separating to allow time to calm down.

On the 30th a woman was deceived into parting with money at an Albert address when a fraudster pretended to be someone she knew. Before you part with your hard earned money please confirmed who you are communicating with.

On the 2nd, a woman was assaulted on Blacksmith Lane by another woman after a night out and our enquiries are continuing in relation to a named suspect.  


No drunk drivers apprehended this week.

On the 28th a motor vehicle crash occurred on SH25 as a result of driver inattention and not signalling a turn. Thankfully no one was hurt and the driver was advised to pay proper attention to their driving.


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