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Whitianga resident part of live online cricket show

The world of the internet and the various global media outlets available to the public these days means that even the most fanatical fan can keep up to date with the sport they love the most from all corners of the globe.

Whitianga resident and long-time cricket lover, Rohit Ranchhod, is doing just that, but has taken things a step further. Rather than simply following the game online, he has become part of a panel of cricket enthusiasts and experts who run a live one-hour cricket podcast once per week. The beauty of the internet and today’s technology allows those running the show to be based from their individual homes wherever that may be. “The show is called ‘Swinging from the Hip’ and is one of many sporting podcasts broadcast on an online sporting channel called New Zealand Sport Radio,” says Rohit. “Access is through Facebook. Our aim is to try and include a wide range of topics in the show and encourage listener feedback and opinions.

“We discuss the game on all levels, on and off the field, and include specific coaching and player tips using the individual expertise among the panel. Cricket in general is full of good yarns and statistics, so there’s never a shortage of material.

“A few weeks ago we’ve had professional cricketer, Tauseef Satti, as our guest. More than 15,000 people tuned in for that show.

“I began playing cricket as a five-year old in Auckland and my love for the game, especially the five-day test matches, has never wavered. From school cricket through to club level, I played pretty much non-stop until I felt my experience was put to better use as a coach and becoming involved in the administration of the game at a club level. All that experience is helping me in making a positive contribution to the show.”

Rohit also sees a lot of similarities between his insurance and mortgage business - offering a wide range of financial advice to people, including first home buyers and long-term investors looking for new opportunities - and a five-day cricket test. “Like a test match the financial markets can change very quickly,” he says. “The best results are often based around having a solid strategy, taking opportunities when they come along, hanging tough when it counts and not taking one’s eye off the ball.

“Test matches are not won on the first day, but some poor decision making and dropped catches can certainly go a long way to eventually losing the game. Not a lot different in the mortgage and insurance markets where good budgeting and sound advice can often become the winning difference in the long run.” 

Rohit and his wife, Sangita, have lived in Whitianga full time for just on 12 months, but have owned property in the town since 2015. “We were drawn to the Coromandel after visiting friends in Cooks Beach and after exploring the area further, we decided to make Whitianga home,” says Rohit. “With the ability to operate our business online and still stay connected to the cricket world, it was an easy decision to move down on a permanent basis.”

“Swinging From The Hip” can be viewed live on the New Zealand Sport Radio Facebook page every Thursday at 8:00pm.

Pictured: Whitianga resident, Rohit Ranchhod, is part of an online cricket show on New Zealand Sport Radio, which is broadcast through Facebook.


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