Saturday, 17 November 2018


By Suzanne Hansen

The Coromandel Peninsula has a reputation for being a pristine natural environment with a local and visiting population who embrace the virtues of conservation. People from all over New Zealand and the world travel here to play on our stunning beaches and to enjoy the calm lifestyle the area encompasses. But are we really all that “green” or are we just paying lip service? 

As the town completes Phase One of the Whitianga Town Centre upgrade along Albert Street and rolls into Phase Two and Three, Thames-Coromandel Distrcit Council had a chat with Christine Rabarts who knows all about high quality finishes as owner of Bread & Butter Gallery.

In 2014, the Coromandel Peninsula hosted a round of the official New Zealand Rally Championship for the first time. The New Zealand Rally Championship is the country’s premier nationwide rally championship and, as such, attracts New Zealand’s best drivers to compete for numerous prestigious MotorSport New Zealand-sanctioned rally championship titles.

By Jack Biddle

When you next look up to the sky and spot a small recreational type aeroplane overhead, ask yourself if you would dare to strap yourself and a couple of close friends in and attempt to fly the plane to Australia? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself if you would turn around a few weeks later and fly the same plane back to New Zealand?

By Jordan Gower

Niklas (Nik) Brandt is 29 years old. Originally from Sweden, he has spent the last two years travelling as a chef. He began his training at 16 years old, was qualified by 19 and has been working as a chef ever since. Somehow, through plenty of experience and a couple of impulse decisions, he landed in Hot Water Beach and now works at Blue Ginger Restaurant in Whitianga.

By Alastair Brickell - the owner of Stargazers Astronomy Tours in Kuaotunu

This week we are all being treated to a rare planetary event in our skies. Mars, which has been steadily getting closer to the earth, will be at its closest and brightest since 2003. Keen skywatchers may have already noticed Mars gradually getting brighter and brighter in the late evening sky. The planet is unmistakable with its distinctly pinkish colour and has almost doubled in brightness since late June.

By Jack Biddle

When it comes to competitive yachting, history has shown that not many countries do it better than New Zealand. Regardless of the type or size of boat, if it’s got a sail and there is a competition on somewhere in the world, there is bound to be a Kiwi crew or individual on board. More often than not, that crew is a hot favourite for a top finish too.  

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Do you agree with the realignment of the road at the corner of Albert Street and Campbell Street in Whitianga?

The Mercury Bay Informer is a highly popular community newspaper, based in Whitianga. The paper is distributed throughout the Coromandel Peninsula, coast to coast from Thames to north of Colville.