Friday, 15 November 2019


The Mercury Bay Art Escape Open Artists Studios offers art lovers the opportunity to explore the creative nature of the Coromandel, from Tairua to Opito Bay, to gain a unique perspective, meet the participating artists, admire their studios and understand something of the relationship each artist has with the Peninsula’s beautiful coast. This year the Open Artists Studios will form part of a full “Ten Days of Art” during the first 10 days of March.

We were inundated with entries into our Valentine’s Day competition we published in last week’s Informer. Readers could enter by telling us which Coromandel beach is their favourite to enjoy in the company of their loved one. In a nutshell, we were asking our readers to nominate the Peninsula’s most romantic beach.

After 16 years and nine months of transporting people, bicycles, prams, fresh produce, takeaways and a myriad of other things across the Whitianga River, well-known and much-loved Whitianga ferry driver, Eric Mair (pictured), has retired earlier this week.

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Should The Whitianga Hotel's application for a new tavern licence have been refused?

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