Friday, 16 November 2018


On the Coromandel residents are lucky to be able to take their best canine buddies almost anywhere, whether it's down to the beach or for a stroll into town for a bite to eat. What people might not realise is that everyone needs to have their dog on lead in most areas unless specified.

It’s amazing how quickly a day out surfcasting up north with your wife can suddenly turn to custard in the same way so many of our emergency service volunteers suddenly have their plans halted by the sound of a siren, a pager or a cell phone.

When Ivan Mudrovcich passed away on 20 July this year after a year-long battle with cancer, the world lost a brilliant engineer and Whitianga lost a good friend. Ivan was 80 years old.

By Stephan Bosman and Jordan Gower

Spring is only a few days away. Daffodils have been popping their yellow heads up, bringing a bit of brightness to the end of winter. In New Zealand, daffodils represent more than just the beginning of longer, warmer days.

For plenty of New Zealanders, the idea of “small town life” is pretty uninteresting. But for most of us living on the Coromandel Peninsula, we know small town life is ideal. Maybe that’s because no matter where you are on the Peninsula, you’re never far from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the serenity is unbeatable.

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Do you agree with the realignment of the road at the corner of Albert Street and Campbell Street in Whitianga?

The Mercury Bay Informer is a highly popular community newspaper, based in Whitianga. The paper is distributed throughout the Coromandel Peninsula, coast to coast from Thames to north of Colville.