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Whitianga Police report for the period 7 December to 14 December


The summer holiday period is just beginning and as always we would like everyone to have a good break and a Merry Christmas.

We have been talking “PREVENTION” throughout the year to try and prevent crimes and reduce victimisation in our community.

Alcohol is a major factor in the majority of violent incidents we attend and you can keep yourself safer by drinking responsibly and encouraging those around you to also reduce alcohol consumption.

Securing your property and making it as hard as possible for criminals to steal your belongings will also help improve your holiday period.

If you see a family member or friend doing something stupid then encouraging them to behave will also make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone.           


10th - 1 x 22yr old local man for Assault with a Weapon.


Three domestic incidents attended this week.

On the 8th a young couple were arguing about their circumstances at a SH25, Whenuakite address and separated for a short period to calm down.

A mother and son were arguing at a Meadow Drive address on the 9th and when located the child was given some sound advice.

On the 12th a physical altercation between family members at a Rees Ave, Hahei address required Police assistance to calm the situation.

A young man was assaulted by another young man on their way home from a local bar in the early hours of the 12th and a warning was issued when they sobered up and realised how stupid they had been.

Also on the 12th a 17yr old boy who was intoxicated and arguing with friends was spoken to by Police when he started to become aggressive and some direct advice was given.

On the 14th an iPhone and iPad were stolen from an Albert Street address when then occupants left the house for a short period.


No drunk drivers apprehended this week.

TCDC Chief Executive calls it a day

Thames Coromandel District Council Chief Executive David Hammond has announced he will be leaving Council at the end of the financial year on 30 June 2016.

"We have nothing but appreciation and respect for David's input on the Coromandel," says TCDC Mayor Glenn Leach. "We inherited a Council that had lost touch with its community and was crippled under high rates and debt. With David’s passion for community empowerment we have turned this around and what's been achieved is huge.”

"Working for TCDC has been a challenging and rewarding time and I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Mayor Glenn and his team," says Mr Hammond. "There was no blueprint to do what we achieved here - we wrote the book on it ourselves. A Chief Executive needs to know when he has achieved what he was brought on to do. I have met that mark and will leave Council with great staff and in great heart."

Mr Hammond was brought to the Coromandel in January 2012 for a three-year period to lead a restructure of staffing, costs and community governance structures. His time was extended further to help Council stabilise and consolidate following that change period.

Mr Hammond and his family will remain on the Coromandel which has become their adopted home.

New camping bylaw adopted

Thames Coromandel District Council says the classic Kiwi camping holiday on the Coromandel will continue under their newly adopted camping bylaw.

Council adopted the Bylaw for Standards of Camping on Private Property at its meeting on 9 December.

One of the main focuses of our newly adopted bylaw is ensuring campers aren't negatively affecting their neighbours or the public when it comes to sanitation.

The bylaw takes effect on Monday 14 December 2015.

The complete bylaw is available on the TCDC website at

In response to community feedback received during the consultation on the bylaw, TCDC scaled back some of the rules that were initially proposed were scaled back on.

The provisions about how far temporary camping structures should be from boundary lines and neighbouring dwellings have been taken out. TCDC says many coastal properties are narrow and these provisions would have prohibited camping on such properties and this was not the intent of the bylaw.

The scope of the sanitary requirements was also narrowed to just include providing a toilet and a hand basin for campers. Drinking water also needs to be provided. Rural areas were also removed from the scope of the bylaw in recognition that the problem the bylaw was designed to address has less impact in these areas.

TCDC says they have instruments such as the District Plan and other bylaws available to deal with other problems that might arise from camping on private property, such as noise control, littering and other nuisances

The new TCDC bylaw does not cover people who charge for camping on private land. National regulations, the Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985, cover these situations.

Update on September assault

The Informer requested the Police yesterday to provide us with an update on the investigation into the assault that took place in Whitianga very early in the morning on Friday 4 September. In the incident a man was attacked by a number of people on the corner of Cook Drive and Bryce Street and had to be airlifted to hospital.

The current status of the matter is as follows -

There were, in fact, two incidents. The first assault occurred at the Whitianga Hotel some time prior to the Cook Drive incident (the second assault). Two offenders have been linked to this incident, both of whom have left Whitianga since the assault.

One of these offenders has been located and charged with Assault with Intent to Injure and will appear in the Thames District Court on Monday 21 December. The other offender is still on the loose. A warrant for his arrest has been issued by the Thames District Court in November.

The Police are still awaiting evidence with regard to the second, Cook Drive, assault.

The Informer will attend the first offender’s appearance in the Thames District Court on Monday 21 December.

Councillors approve funding and governance structure for first Great Walk

Thames Coromandel District councillors approved at their meeting this week a sum of $304,000 towards concept designs, consents and legal requirements for the development of a car park along with road sealing at Lees Road, Hahei.

A district governance structure for the Thames Coromandel Council Great Walks project - a project board which will be made up of two representatives from TCDC, one representative from the Department of Conservation and one representative of tangata whenua - has also been approved.

The Lees Road car park will initially provide 150 parking spaces and up to 500 spaces in the future. TCDC is currently working with a private landowner on a perpetual access and financial agreement for the car park.

“At a simple level the Great Walks Project Board can make decisions on TCDC's behalf as the project progresses and will report back to Council at key milestones for the project," says Garry Towler, the TCDC Great walks project manager. "This fosters a flexible and creative environment to progress projects within timeframes, but provides Council with the ability to approve major project variances.”

The TCDC representatives on the project board will be the mayor and the chairman of the TCDC Economic Development Committee. TCDC says given the expected significant economic benefits to the region, a link with the Economic Development Committee is critical.

The first Great Walk of the Great Walks project, when fully complete, will link Hot Water Beach all the way through to Whitianga and potentially further north to Kuaotunu.

Project board meetings for the first Great Walk are held regularly and a representative from the Hahei Stakeholders and Ratepayers Group and the chairman of the Mercury Bay Community Board are invited to all these meetings and have speaking rights. TCDC says other stakeholders will be involved if needed as the project develops.

Illegal fish dumping on Buffalo Beach

Thames Coromandel District Council cleaned up a large quantity of rotting kingfish bodies last Sunday from Buffalo Beach in Whitianga. The illegal dumping of the fish was phoned into TCDC on Saturday night by a concerned resident who witnessed two men from a utility walk down to the beach and dumped the kingfish frames, offal and several kawhai frames onto the edge of the water.

Steve Hart, TCDC Compliance and Bylaws team leader, says Buffalo Beach is a popular beach for swimming and dog walking and that sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable. “Our beaches and reserves are not dumping grounds for anyone to throw any type of waste or rubbish and anyone caught doing so in future can expect hefty instant fines.”

A report is going to Council on 10 of December 2015 to adopt a new infringement regime as part of TCDC’s new rubbish dumping strategy. The new fines will mean where an offender is identified, compliance officers can issue instant infringements under the Litter Act 1979 of between $100 - $400 for dumping rubbish onto public places or private places without the consent of the owner.

“In the case of dumping fish frames, offal or shellfish such as kina or oyster shells onto any public place, offenders can expect an instant fine of $400,” Mr Hart says.

“Fishermen and shellfish gatherers have to change their habits very quickly to either dig fish waste into gardens, compost it, grind it into berley or freeze it to take it back out to sea to recycle it back into the food chain. Dumping it onto beaches and reserves creates a dangerous risk to other users by depositing decaying waste with sharp bones and spikes that may be scavenged by dogs or stood on by anyone with bare feet. Swimmers certainly do not want to be bathing in a sea with decaying fish waste.”

Whitianga Police Report for Monday 30 November to Monday 7 December 2015


We are investigating two incidents of robbery reported this week.

The first occurred near the Blacksmith lane toilets at about 2:00pm on the 3rd, where an offender demanded money from a young man and assaulted him when he refused. The offender is described as a male European aged 30-34yrs, of thin build, 180-185cm tall, with a dark scruffy beard, wearing a green shirt or singlet, dark denim type shorts, running shoes, a plain black cap with a flat peak and black surrounded sunglasses.

The second incident involved an intoxicated man reporting three men in a silver coloured Toyota Station wagon near the intersection of Bryce Street and Cook Drive robbing him of a substantial amount of money on his way home from a local bar.

Anyone with information in relation to either of these incidents is asked to contact us immediately, or to contact 0800 CRIMESTOPPERS.        


No arrests this week.


Two domestic incidents attended this week.

On the 2nd two brothers fighting at a Catherine Crescent address were separated so that they could calm down and so that their family could consider options, while on the 4th a couple and a parent got into a physical altercation at a Tapu Coroglen Road address and our enquiries are continuing.

On the 2nd a person was heard on a SH25 property from which a 4WD motorbike was recently stolen, however the person decamped prior to being seen.

On the 4th a man was assaulted after he attempted to recover money owed to him for work done on an associate’s car at a 309 Road address, while on the 5th fourth men were fighting on Arthur Street and our enquiries are continuing in relation to appropriate charges.


28th - 1 x 21yr old local woman apprehended drunk driving and recorded a result of 507/250.

Plan B4 U Party message

Summer is here which means Christmas parties are in abundance and the towns on the Coromandel Peninsula are filling up. A simple plan before you party can make the difference between an awesome evening and an awful evening.

Plan B4 U Party is a part of the “Safe Summer Coromandel” campaign to help residents and visitors to the Coromandel have a safe summer holiday. The “Safe Summer Coromandel” campaign is a partnership project with Police, Thames Coromandel District Council, CAPS Hauraki, ACC, Health Promotion Agency, Waikato DHB, Community Mental Health, Surf Lifesaving NZ, Waikato Regional Council, Maritime NZ, Coast Guard, NZ Fire Service, NZ Rural Fire Service, St John and Land SAR NZ.

Are you drinking tonight? Remember to plan ahead and don't drink and drive. Here are some planning tips to help make your planning easier:

  • Before you go out, sort out a ride home, stay with a mate or have cash for a taxi.
  • Always go out with friends you trust and be a trustworthy friend
  • Hosting a party? Be responsible, provide food and don't let your mates drink and drive.
  • If you are under 20, your alcohol limit is zero.
  • Got a ride? Sweet, are they sober? Check before you get in the car.
  • Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Share your safe summer pics and tips on the Safe Summer Coromandel Facebook and Instagram (search Safe Summer Coromandel on your Instagram account) pages and win cool prizes.


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