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Whitianga Police report for Monday 2 May to Monday 9 May


Anyone stealing from a store should unsurprisingly expect to be trespassed from that store. This can then make it a lot harder to buy the things they need in a small community.

The trespass will continue well after any court proceedings and I suggest is a consequence that anyone considering stealing should consider.

There are support agencies in our community that will assist people who are in need and asking for help is way more logical than resorting to theft. 


4th - 28yr old local woman for Disorderly Behaviour.


Four domestic incidents attended this week.

On the 2nd a couple argued while driving through the Coroglen area and the woman who decided to walk was assisted back to Thames, while on the 4th a couple arguing at a Park Lane address about child care issues were separated so they could calm down.

Also on the 4th a young couple at a Moewai Park Road address requested assistance to sort out an outstanding issue and on the 7th another young couple from Moewai Park Road argued about their relationship issues and both were given sound advice.

On the 2nd a cell phone was stolen from a Joan Gaskell Drive store, while on the 3rd a leaf blower was stolen from a residential garage on Purangi Road.

Enquiries are continuing with identified suspects in relation to the theft of two bottles of spirits from a Hahei store on the 7th, while on the 8th a man suspected of stealing bacon from a Joan Gaskell Drive store was trespassed when his behaviour became threatening.


No drunk drivers apprehended this week.

On the 7th a local man crashed into another vehicle while leaving a car park at a Cook Drive address and our enquiries are continuing.

Found Property

Two items of jewellery were handed in to the Police as found property.

The first is white gold men’s ring with “Katia & Greg” plus a date engraved on it. The second is a silver bracelet with “Forever Love A [love heart] S” plus a date engraved on it.

The Police will need to know the engraved dates to hand the items back to their owners.

Submissions on new draft Fire Bylaw closes soon

Public consultation on the new draft Fires in the Open Bylaw of Thames Coromandel District Council closes at 4:00pm on Wednesday 11 May.

The proposed bylaw will allow TCDC to set and enforce fire seasons and bans in areas of the Coromandel classified as urban by the New Zealand Fire Service. Check the TCDC webpage to see which area you fall into, to read the full text of the draft bylaw and have your say online.

The main changes are this - permits would no longer be required for permanent, safe outdoor fireplaces (including pizza ovens) that meet the bylaw's safety criteria and permits would also not be required for fireworks, though you still need to be a good neighbour with them.

After the submissions are reviewed and hearings held and any amendments made, TCDC will consider a final Fires in the Open Bylaw for adoption in August 2016 and TCDC says it is planned that any new rules will come into effect in September 2016.

Until then, the current rules apply.

Cathedral Cove track to be closed on Monday 9 May

The Department of Conservation advised that, in order to help meet deadlines and avoid further weather postponements, the Cathedral Cove track will be closed on Monday 9 May while the new hot-tar surface is being poured.

DOC and contractors ACO and Plant Pro & Sons say they appreciate the public’s continued patience and support and that this closure is to ensure public safety while the work is carried out. They look forward to seeing the benefits enjoyed by all once the track is completed.

For further information, please contact Nicola Miller at the DOC Whitianga Field Base, phone (07) 869 5632 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mountain Safety Council urges duck shooters to be safe this season

With duck shooting season opening this Saturday, spirits among duck shooters are high. The festive atmosphere leading some to forget, or disregard the basics, said New Zealand Mountain Safety Council CEO, Mike Daisley. “Following the firearms safety code is the key to making sure you make it home to your family, ducks or not.

“We’re working hard to advocate for the safe use of firearms and what we do know is that in the six year period between 2009 and 2015, of the 28 fatalities that were suffered, over half were directly attributable to firearms.

“What we also know is that in almost all of these fatalities, the firearms safety code, or part therof, was not followed.

“Hunters by and large are a very responsible community. Unfortunately, the excitement of opening weekend brings a certain ‘boys weekend’ feel to it with some groups.

"We'd like to encourage hunters to speak up if they see drinking and firearms use. If nothing is said, then we collectively accept this as an acceptable behaviour, which it isn't. Leave shots with the lads until after the shoot.”

The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, the national advocate for outdoor safety for more than 50 years, has created a range of resources designed for easy consumption online in an attempt to reach newer audiences. These are available online via the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council Facebook page as well as on YouTube.

For more information see

Whitianga Police Report for Monday 25 April to Monday 2 May 2016


A couple on offences this week where a property has been left insecure, or a vehicle has been left unlocked with the keys nearby, which have assisted   offenders steal the victim’s property.

Please secure your property and make it as hard as possible for criminals to steal your stuff.


No arrests this week.


Two domestic incidents attended this week.

On the 28th a mother and daughter argued at a South Highway address about living arrangements and sound advice was given, while on the 29th an Auckland couple staying at a Buffalo Beach Road address were separated to allow them time to calm down and consider their relationship.

On the 26th a Volvo car, registration UT1335, and assorted tools were burgled from a Pa Road, Hahei address, while the following day an outboard motor was discovered stolen from another Pa Road address.

On the 27th a Holden Vectra car, coloured green, parked at the corner of Domain Road and Hot water Beach Road between about 9:00am and 10:00am was broken into and two backpacks belonging to tourists were stolen.


No drunk drivers apprehended this week.

On the 28th a woman was visiting the medical centre and returned to her car to find someone has crashed into it.

Unfortunately some people out there don’t care about correcting their mistakes and will take off from crash scenes if they think they can get away with it. If you see a minor crash please note the vehicle details and let us know so we can take appropriate action.   

New Thames Coromandel District Plan revealed

After two years of consultation, over 1,400 submitters, and 34 days of hearings, the new Thames Coromandel District Plan will update the 15-year-old previous version.

Issues dealt with in the new version include how the Coromandel deals with mining, which areas of the District should be rezoned, defined outstanding natural features and landscapes and coastal erosion lines, as well as the way land will be managed, used and subdivided.

The District Plan Hearings Panel says they’ve worked hard to balance Council’s approach to reduce red tape in many areas to make it easier for people to develop their lives and businesses and grow the Coromandel’s economy, while still protecting the areas with special values.

The District Plan Hearings Panel was made up of two independent commissioners (Mark Farnsworth and Ian Munro) and one elected member (Councillor Tony Fox). In making decisions, the Hearings Panel took into account all the submissions, which came from a variety of stakeholders, including property owners through to central government organisations, iwi and ratepayer groups. The Panel then listened to staff recommendations and received sign-off from Council.

Another issue addressed by the Hearing Panel was whether or not resource consent should be needed for people who commercially hire out their holiday homes, short-term, to more than six people. This drew a lot of attention during the submission process.

Many bach and holiday home owners were concerned about needing resource consents when they commercialised their holiday homes and advertised them as commercial accommodation. On the other hand, more formal accommodation providers, such as motels and backpackers, said they wanted a level playing field with other commercial accommodation providers such as holiday home rentals, bed and breakfast and small lodges. However, the District Plan Hearings Panel heard no compelling evidence from either side to change the standard for visitor accommodation in the plan. So they’re sticking with what was in the previous District Plan, which allows for a maximum of six paying guests per property with parking and noise standards to be met.

Council adopted the District Plan Hearings Panel's recommendations and has appointed a District Plan Appeals Committee to provide guidance and direction over any appeals to the Decisions Version of the new District Plan.

Anyone who made a submission to the plan now has 30 working days from 29 April to appeal Council's decision to the Environment Court. People who have not been part of the process to date, as a submitter or further submitter, cannot appeal the decisions.

Business Association supporting Music Festival

The Mercury Bay Business Association is right behind the inaugural Mercury Bay Music Festival, being held in Whitianga over Queens Birthday Weekend.
Association chair Gary Fitzsimmons says, “We are very supportive of the Music Festival, it’s a fantastic idea and a huge opportunity for Mercury Bay businesses in winter when we are quieter and every extra visitor is a valuable customer.”
Jan Wright, chair of Creative Mercury Bay, which is the driving force behind the new festival, says their aim was to create a community-focused event. “We wanted to hold an event that everyone could be part of and enjoy and would also have benefits for our local businesses in their off season. It will be an incentive for bach owners to come to Mercury Bay for the long weekend and for visitors to come here in winter and see that Whitianga is a great place to come all year round - not just for a summer holiday.”
“It will also be an inspirational event for our young people and musicians of all abilities, with workshops being held throughout the weekend.”
The festival is a mix of musical genres chosen for their wide appeal to both music aficionados and the general public alike. Over 37 acts have been booked, with styles ranging from acoustic guitar, jazz, blues, country folk, urban funk, flamenco, soul, big band and everything in-between.
“With the style and quality of music available at the festival, it will attract the type of people who are the Business Association’s target market, who’ll return each year for the event and bring their friends,” says Gary.

Whitianga Police Report for Monday 18 April to Monday 25 April 2016


An excellent turnout at the AZAC Day Dawn Service in Whitianga with our community showing their respect for the servicemen and woman who have protected and continue to protect our country.

I will leave the actual numbers to someone else, but it must have been more than 2,000 people, without exaggerating.

I would also like to thank St John Ambulance and Dr Dan Asquith for looking after the people that fell ill during the service.

Enquiries are continuing in relation to a red coloured Toyota Starlet, registration WY1857 that failed to stop for Police in town on the night of the 24th and drove off towards Kuaotunu. Anyone with information regarding this offender is asked to contact Police.


No arrests this week.


One domestic incident attended this week on the 25th where a couple at a Moewai Park Road address argued about their relationship issues and follow-up from support agencies has been requested.

On the 19th we dealt with ongoing noise issues at a Wharekaho address and we remind everyone to contact noise control via Thames Coromandel District Council if they have noise issues. And on that note please have consideration for people around you and keep noise to a reasonable level. 


A driver crashed her car at road works on the 20th at the intersection of The 309 Road and SH25, Whitianga.

Moderate damage was caused to the car and thankfully no one was injured.

Please keep to the posted speed restrictions when driving through road works.


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Mercury Bay Club

The club plays a major role in the Whitianga community by hosting community meetings and providing an available venue with catering for many functions.


Do you plan to “Support local/Buy Local” wherever possible during the Covid-19 recovery period, even if it means paying somewhat more for items you could have purchased online from outside the wider Mercury Bay area?

The Mercury Bay Informer is a highly popular community newspaper, based in Whitianga. The paper is distributed throughout the Coromandel Peninsula, coast to coast from Thames to north of Colville.