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Police Report for the period 13 October to 20 October

BY Sergeant Andrew Morrison

Mercury Bay | Tue October 21, 2014


In the past it has been about this time of year that the Police work load has increased. It, however, doesn't have to be accepted by our community.

Reducing alcohol consumption and not having anything to do with illicit drugs would go a long way to protecting yourself against crime.

As always please make it as hard as possible for criminals to steal your property and report any suspicious behaviour you see.

Please keep the information coming in concerning people carrying out gardening activities in secluded rural bush environments.

Cannabis growing season has begun and if you see anyone sneaking into bush areas with water, fertiliser, spades or seedlings please call us so that we can investigate their activity.

Drugs continue to negatively affect families in our community and the more we can prevent or deter from being grown the better our community will be.


19th - 1 x 18yr old local man for Failing to Stop.


Two domestic incidents attended last week.

On the 16th a separated couple argued on South Highway over custody issues and Police were called to calm the situation, while on the 19th a couple argued at an Oscar Place address and were given direct advice.

On the 18th a fence was damaged at an address on The Esplanade and a number of council signs pulled out of the ground.

We also attended a group fighting amongst themselves, firstly on Blacksmith Lane and then later on Albert Street. Alcohol was a major factor and when the main instigator was spoken to after he had sobered up he was very sorry for his actions.


No drunk drivers apprehended this week.

An investigation into a serious crash at the intersection of State Highway 25 and Mill Road in which a 4 year old child was injured is continuing.

Thankfully her condition is improving and we wish her a speedy recovery.

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