Reaction to Sandra Goudie’s vaccination stance

19 Oct 2021

Thames-Coromandel District Council mayor, Sandra Goudie (pictured), attracted national media attention last week when it was made public that she refuses to be vaccinated against Covid-19 with the Pfizer vaccine.

It was reported that Mrs Goudie is waiting for the Novovax vaccine, another Covid-19 vaccine, to be approved for use in New Zealand. Mrs Goudie refused to say why she prefers Novovax above Pfizer. 

The Ministry of Health has pre-purchase agreements for four vaccines. Of the four, Novovax is the only one not yet approved by Medsafe.

Asking the Mercury Bay representatives on Thames-Coromandel District Council about Mrs Goudie’s stance, both Councillors Murray McLean and Tony Fox said that they are fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine and encourage all Coromandel residents to get vaccinated. “At the same time, I respect the views of those who do not subscribe to my views,” Mr Fox added.

Coromandel MP, Scott Simpson, said Mrs Goudie’s views are “probably” not a surprise for those who know her well. “But her choice is not one I condone or support,” he said. “I'll continue to encourage Coromandel people to get vaccinated and the sooner the better. I don’t have a problem with people making choices, but choice goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. The exercise of choice has consequences that go beyond us as mere individuals. 

“Getting vaccinated is not just about us, it’s about our wider community as well.”

When The Informer asked TCDC on Friday last week (before the “Super Saturday” vaccination drive) where Mrs Goudie’s position on vaccination is leaving council staff members who are concerned about working on the same premises as an unvaccinated mayor, we received the following reply, “The decision not to receive the Pfizer vaccination is the mayor’s personal call. Our organisation continues to promote the available vaccination centres in our district and we now have 61 percent of our district population fully vaccinated. 

“We continue to follow and support Ministry of Health guidelines for keeping people safe.”