“Super Saturday” quiet in Whitianga

19 Oct 2021

Super Saturday was a great opportunity for people to get their vaccination, it was a beautiful sunny day and all three the providers had some “sweetener” on offer. Maybe the weather was too good, but town was quiet and we didn’t achieve the numbers we were hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, every single vaccination is a step in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go. Our team really enjoyed the time out in the community talking with people and we hope to create more events where we can get out of the practice and into the streets.


A very special thank you to Peninsula Party Hire, The Lions, Dave Kennedy, Mosaic and all the other well-wishers for your support on Saturday. 


Person in the photo with Dan and Mel is Karen Hennessey.


Yes it is Jeff Park.


It was a quiet day but we anticipated that knowing that most of the eligible population had already been immunised (go Whiti!) . We did 20 vaccinations on the day. 7 of them were 1st doses.


From left: Zoe Smith (Kaiawhina), Ana Johnson (Kaiawhina), Annie Spence (Registered Nurse), Cheryl Price (Registered Nurse), Te Awhi Allen (Kaiawhina) and Jenny Matheson ((Registered Nurse).


Cheryl and Te Awhi in the other photo.


A 'Kaiawhina' is simply a helper/assistant.