Calling it a day after 11 years of delivering The Informer

19 Oct 2021

Calling it a day after 11 years of delivering The Informer

After 11 years of delivering The Informer around Whitianga in all weather conditions, Joy Rosoman has decided to call it a day to pursue a more rural lifestyle. 

In that time, Joy reckoned she biked and walked an awful lot of kilometres, getting to know parts of Whitianga better than most. “I don’t really know how many kilometres I have done, but I’ve been doing around 15km a week for all that time,” she said. In fact, it worked out to be at least 8,000km.

Joy and her partner, Sean, who works at Whitianga Continuing Care, are moving to the country with Sean’s two children. “We are just moving out of town, so it’s not going to work delivering the paper anymore,” said Joy, who runs her own independent Herbal Life nutrition and weight-loss business. “I am going to be out in a rural setting, doing lots of gardening, growing fruit and vegetables - all organic, of course. We were wanting to move for some time and it was time to go.”

Joy started doing one paper round and then added a second under Gerry Church and Linda Cholmondeley-Smith, who ran The Informer before the present owners, Stephan and Petra Bosman, took over almost nine years ago. “I said to Linda that delivering the paper would be an interesting thing to do,” said Joy. “It would also be good exercise and be a good way to get to know the town, as I had not been here that long at that time.”

The wind and rain did not faze her, in fact it was almost a spiritual experience. “When you do it weekly, you have to get out there and do it even if it’s freezing cold,” said Joy. “I am out in the elements. It keeps me connected to the basic and essential things of life, enjoying the natural word, breathing fresh air and riding past the beach, taking in the natural beauty.

“I think it has been really wonderful for me, it is like a meditation and makes me feel really grateful to be alive.”

Joy said she got to know people in passing and has also built a rapport with others, the people who said thank you and those who said hello. “It was good to connect with humanity.”

She said Stephan had done a great job with the paper. “I like what they have done. They have put their touch to it and it is more of a weekly paper. It is a different style and seems to have grown.”

If Joy had a word of advice for homeowners, it would be to think of the posties and paper delivery people when choosing a letterbox. “There are all sorts of weird and wonderful mailboxes out there,” she said. “People think they are being creative, but those letterboxes are terrible for getting letters and newspapers in - and there’s nothing worse than getting a soggy newspaper.”

Joy wanted to thank everyone she had met on her rounds. “I will miss you,” she said with a smile. “So, see you around.”

No doubt, the feeling is mutual.

Pictured - Joy Rosoman bicycled and walked more than 8,000km in the 11 years she delivered The Informer around Whitianga.