Police Report - Monday, 8 November to Monday, 22 November 2021

23 Nov 2021

Police Report - Monday, 8 November to Monday, 22 November 2021


On 8 November a theft occurred at Kupe’s Car Wash while the victim was washing his car. Thankfully the items were returned.

Also on the 8th a male offender caused some disorder at Mobil Whitianga as the pump wasn’t released for him to refuel. He threw the fuel hose to the ground which may have resulted in some damage.

On 9 November a Facebook fraud matter was reported after an item was not received but paid for. People are reminded that any purchases online should be through a reputable business.

On 10 November a known person unlawfully used a victim’s bankcard without consent and withdrew money from an ATM. The person has been warned for her actions after repaying the money.

Also on the 10th an assault was reported at Waitaia Bay after concerns over a child’s injuries. Enquiries are continuing through the Child Protection Team over this matter.

On 12 November at a Centennial Drive address, a report of unlawful intimidation was made to the Police regarding some tenants. The matter has since been resolved with all parties coming to an amicable resolution.

On 13 November an assault occurred on Buffalo Beach. A male victim was assaulted by a local male for unknown reasons. Enquiries are continuing in order for the Police to speak with the offending party.

Also on the 13th an intentional damage report was taken after some pohutakawa trees were poisoned along Buffalo Beach Rd.

On 15 November a petrol drive-off occurred at Mobil Whitianga. The Police will be speaking with the registered owner of the vehicle about this.

Also on 15th a trespass occurred at a Mill Road address. The offending person was spoken to and the trespass conditions and consequences were reaffirmed.

On 16 November a report of wilful damage was made regarding a number of cars that appeared to have been keyed along Catherine Crescent.

The Police are concerned about the number of Burglaries that have occurred over these two weeks.

On 12 November on Kawakawa Road, a property was entered and damage caused to internal areas.

On 13 November on Buffalo Beach Road, a property was entered with a Weber BBQ stolen, as well as an address on Springbok Avenue where fishing gear and fuel tanks were taken from a parked boat.

Also on the 13th the fishing boat, “Oarsumm”, was taken from a South Highway address along with its trailer. The boat is very distinctive and any sightings need to be reported to the Police via 111.

On 17 November unknown persons unlawfully entered a property on Punga Place, while a shed was entered at the back of an address on The Esplanade where some fishing gear was taken.

On 18 November a shed was broken into at the Whitianga Bike Park where paint and bird netting were taken.

On 19 November a known male offender unlawfully entered Blackjack Surf and stole a baseball cap. He will soon be appearing in court on burglary charges.


On 11 November a female was arrested for assault after a family harm incident. She was issued a Police Safety Order.

On 20 November a male was arrested for possession of a knife in a public place and will be appearing in court next month.

On 21 November a female was arrested and charged with dangerous driving and sustained loss of traction which also resulted in her vehicle being impounded.


On 9 November a family harm incident occurred on Joan Gaskell Drive. The couple were argumentative and unwilling to engage with the Police.

On 11 November a family harm incident occurred at a Redwings Close address where a family were arguing over the custody of children for the night.

On 12 November a family harm incident occurred at a Wai-Iti Terrace address with both parties arguing over work and stress issues. Advise was given to assist them.

On 13 November a family harm incident was reported at a Meadow Drive address. The parties are going through a separation with ongoing issues.

On 14 November a family harm incident was again reported at the same Meadow Drive address while one of the parties was removing belongings due to the separation. A referral has been made to partner agencies to assist both of the parties.

On 15 November a family harm incident was reported at a Purangi Road address where the male party was constantly harassing the female. The male was located at his home address and spoken to regarding his emotional state.

On 17 November a family harm matter was reported at a Cook Drive address between parties arguing over child parenting skills.

Also on the 17th at an Austin Drive address, an argument between two parties resulted in the male being issued with a Police Safety Order.

On 20 November at a Buffalo Beach Road address, a verbal argument occurred between two parties with advice given to assist them.

Also on the 20th at a Meadow Drive address, some intoxicated adults had a pushing/shoving altercation with all parties separated for the night.

On 21 November a heated argument occurred between a young couple over child custody issues. As a result, both parties were driving around the area with the offending party driving dangerously. Several people were potentially at risk due to her aggressive driving behaviour.


On 14 November a vehicle collision occurred at the roundabout at Cook Drive and Joan Gaskell Drive. The offending party failed to ensure the way was clear when entering the roundabout.

Also on the 14th a single vehicle collision occurred on State Highway 25 Whenuakite where the driver failed to negotiate a 45km advisory corner. The intoxicated male driver will be appearing in court on drink driving charges.

Restraints, impairment, distractions and speed are traffic targets this month. People are also reminded to ensure that you drive with the appropriate licence for your vehicle, and that it is current.

Drive safe and drive well.