Police Report - Monday, 27 December 2021 to Sunday, 2 January 2022

06 Jan 2022


Over the Christmas and New Year period, we’ve had many people spoken to regarding local liquor ban areas. One-hundred-and-nineteen infringements were issued as a result.

27 December

  • A male was spoken to on Cook Drive regarding cannabis located in his vehicle.
  • A vehicle was unlawfully entered while parked on Palm Drive and searched for valuable items.
  • A bicycle was taken from a property on Harbour Drive, Matarangi.

28 December

  • An assault occurred to a group of males walking from town through the new skatepark grounds. CCTV footage is to be viewed to identify the primary offender.
  • Fishing rods were taken from a boat at a Cook Drive address.
  • Two vehicles were unlawfully entered and searched for valuables at a Kauri Crescent, Matarangi address.
  • Threats were made over advertising boards on the side of the road at The Esplanade. A male is to be spoken to regarding his actions.
  • A tyre was slashed on a parked vehicle outside a Cook Drive address.

29 December

  • A petrol drive-off from the Mobil service station occurred. The driver is to be spoken to.
  • A radar detector was stolen from a vehicle parked on Mercury Street.
  • A farm trailer was stolen from Comers Road.
  • A radar detector was stolen from a vehicle parked at a property on Park Lane.

30 December

  • Threats were made by a dog walker on Buffalo Beach after being asked to remove her dog from the area due to local council signage.
  • A licence plate was taken from a boat trailer parked on Buffalo Beach Road.
  • Two intoxicated males were putting their own lives in jeopardy by lying down in the middle of Captain Cook Drive, Cooks Beach while vehicles were still moving around in the area.

31 December

  • A petrol drive-off from the Mobil service station occurred. The driver is to be spoken to regarding his actions.
  • An intoxicated male made threats towards staff at the liquor store in Matarangi after being refused service. He will be spoken to by the Police regarding his behaviour.

1 January 2022

  • Household items were destroyed by an intoxicated female at a Cook Drive address after making assumptions about her partner. She is to be spoken to regarding her actions.
  • A petrol drive-off from the Mobil service station occurred. The driver is to be spoken to.
  • A vehicle unlawfully converted from an Auckland address was stopped in Hahei by the Police. Both occupants were charged with various offences and will be appearing in court.
  • A male requiring assistance from outside agencies was transported by the Police to a medical centre for further care.
  • A suspicious male was observed approaching females on Opito Bay beach. Local resident became concerned of his behaviour and checked on some of the ladies who were disturbed.

2 January

  • Two males stole items from a vehicle parked on the road at Oyster Drive, Cooks Beach. The victim observed their actions and was able to follow them while advising the Police. Both males have been charged and will appear in court.
  • A male has been charged with Cultivating Cannabis at a Mill Creek Road address after cannabis plants were observed by Police members dealing with an unrelated matter.


1 x local male arrested for Outstanding Warrants.

1 x local male for Outstanding warrant and Burglary.

1 x male for Unlawful Conversion of a motor vehicle.

1 x local male for Theft ex Car.

1 x local male for Dangerous Driving and Breach of Bail.

1 x male for outstanding Warrant and Burglary.


On 27 December, a Family Harm incident occurred at an Eyre Street address. A verbal argument ensued with intoxicated parties.

On 28 December, an intoxicated male started a verbal argument with his partner at a Poplar Street address. Assistance is being sought from outside agencies for the couple.

On 30 December, a verbal altercation occurred at a Watt Street address. A 10-day Police Safety Order was issued as a result.

On 31 December, a verbal argument occurred at a Buffalo Beach Road address. Advice was given to both parties.

On 1 January, an argument occurred between an intoxicated family group at an address in Opito Bay. One of the persons were assisted from the area by the Police.

Also on 1 January, a verbal argument occurred between a couple on Blacksmith Lane. Advice was given to them both.

And on 1 January, at a Catherine Crescent address, a minor argument occurred between a local couple. The male had already left prior to the Police arriving.


With the high number of boat owners in the area, people are reminded that their boat trailers should still be up to date with a Warrant of Fitness and registration. Quite a few trailers have been identified as being out of date on either or both. It’s much cheaper to keep them up to date rather than being issued fines.

Several infringement notices have been issued for a variety of Road User Rule breaches.

Many people have been spoken to in various beachside communities. These have been mainly for riding bicycles without a helmet, as well as driving golf carts or ATV motor vehicles on the road. Helmets must be worn when riding a bicycle on the roading network. It is a safety device. This means that they must be fastened as they wont work effectively should you fall over and they fall off your head.

On 27 December, a road rage incident was reported on Link Road, Hahei after an altercation with a motorist correctly using his indicator to turn into a driveway. The offending party will be spoken to regarding his actions.

On 28 December, a male was stopped and spoken to after driving dangerously into a campground on Albert Street. Due to his behaviour he will be appearing in court on various charges.

On 2 January, a road rage incident occurred at a single-lane bridge on Hot Water Beach Road, Whenuakite. The victim was already on the bridge with the right of way when the offender drove onto the bridge blocking him. The offender then became aggressive and exited his vehicle with a baseball bat. Enquiries are being made to speak with this individual.

Restraints, impairment, distractions and speed are traffic targets at the moment. So please wear your seatbelt, don’t drive intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, don’t use your cell phone while driving and drive within the applicable speed limits. Drive safe and drive well.