Dream-like image wins Photographic Club’s Bokeh challenge

11 Jan 2022

Dream-like image wins Photographic Club’s Bokeh challenge


The Whitianga Photographic Club’s themed challenge for December was Bokeh, the aesthetic way the lens renders out of focus points of light. Differences in lens aperture shape cause different effects. The term comes from the Japanese word “boke”, meaning “blur” or “haze”.

In first place with a dream-like image was Kate Beachamp’s image, “Angel” (pictured on the opposite page). The combination of perspective, composition and dreamy feel made the image a clear winner. 

Second place was a tie between Lia Priemus and Shannon Molloy. Third place was also a tie between Tina Macrae and Wendy Pemberton.

The Photo of the Month was a tie between Wendy Pemberton and Karen Moffatt-McLeod. 

Wendy’s image, “Love is Blind” (pictured below), brilliantly captures a gannet as it returns to the nest, its beak so full with nest building material that it is momentarily flying blind. Wendy’s timing and spot on focus achieved a great wildlife image.

Karen’s image, “Rock Star” (pictured right), with its lovely textures, lighting and storytelling is enhanced with a moody conversion to black and white.

Second place went to Jo Martin and Rose Barrett finished in third.

The club’s themed challenge for January is to capture an image either during “golden hour” or “blue hour” - the time just before or after sunrise or sunset, when the light is either golden or blue.

The Whitianga Photographic Club has a public Facebook page where members’ work and achievements are showcased. Anyone interested in joining the club, can email the admin team at whitiangaphoto@gmail.com.