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13 MBAS Students At New Zealand Area Schools Nationals.

This group of high achieving sportsmen and sportswomen travelled to Christchurch for the New Zealand Area School Nationals that was held in Rangiora. The students competed in Rugby, Netball, Basketball and Football after being selected back in April at the Central North Island

Coaching Clinic trials. Squads from Central North Island, Northland, Top of the South Island and South of the South Island came together and versed each other. On Wednesday night, each squad attended naming dinners and teams from every code played a North versus South on the last day.

Top of the South Island was the over all winner at the end of the week with Central North Island getting second. Players chosen for North Island teams were:

Netball: Te Kari Mataiti, Jaeda Jackman- King, Eve Kendall, Francie Lidgard.

Football: Anna Mikkelson.

Rugby: Caden Swindlehurst, Leon Melde,

Josh Markowski, John McGregor, Kevin Zhu.

Basketball: Theo Van der Putten, Marlon Ross.

Players named in Tournament teams

were Te Kari Mataiti for Netball and

Caden Swindlehurst, Leon Melde and John

McGregor for NZA Barbarians.

Caption: Pictured: Back - Brynn George, Theo Van der Putten, Leon Melde, John McGregor, Kevin Zhu, Marlon Ross, Francie Lidgard, Caden Swindlehurst, Eve Kendall, Anna Mikkelson

Front - Josh Markowski, Te Kari Mataiti, Jaeda Jackman-King.

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