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A business for the season

Bruce Alexander was standing tall on Albert Street and demonstrating carefully to two customers, before they drove off on their Whiti Scooters for hire.

Bruce has ten such scooters and The Informer arrived to see the last two leaving for the day. This is just one enterprise managed by Bruce.

Like a number of successful young adults coming several years in a corporate background in Auckland and overseas, Bruce has decided that Mercury Bay is a more quality life style where he has time to use his skills and talents and also give back. Many locals know Bruce from Evolution Fitness where he instructs in kick- boxing as part of the fitness team.

At first glance, I wasn’t sure whether the moon boat encasing Bruce’s left leg was from riding the scooters or kick boxing, but watching a brief phone video, I witnessed that Bruce represents New Zealand in high level athletics competitions but in a very recent 200 metre sprint race in Australia, he had snapped and torn his Achilles tendon. “It’s a quieter life just now with this injury,” he says. “However, I can run this business during the summer season and it fills a real need. We don’t have the e-micro mobility scooters such as Lime and Purple Scooters you can hire as shared transport in Auckland, but this alternative is good for a provincial holiday centre like Whitianga. People still love to buzz around to sight- see and travel short distances to several places for the day. This is a great economical option for people, and they are easy to control, park and they are not speed engines.”

Whiti Scooters Bruce Alexander 021 919 070

Caption: Bruce Alexander sends off his last hire scooter for the day.


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