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A Look at Towing and Transport

A Look at Towing and Transport

A contribution from Steve Rush

“When you call us, you will get a trained professional in a purpose-built truck with more licences than a pilot, and only too happy to help move or tow your car and get it to its destination safely. “

Meet Steve Rush and Mavis of Peninsula Hiab Towing and transport Ltd and Whitianga Towing Ltd.

Steve, Company owner, has 25 years towing experience and before moving to Whitianga, was the proprietor of New Zealand Towing. Mavis, who runs the Hiab truck, has 45 years in transport and 20 years operating hiabs in the local Mercury Bay area. They are proud to stand by their promise of good service.

Steve offers some helpful information on towing and transport and the nature of towing that people may not be aware of.

“Have you ever wondered why it costs a lot to get towed?

When you are choosing a towing company, a few tips on what to look for.”

· A company must hold a Vehicle Recovery Licence to move vehicles, and a company that moves goods must have a Goods Services Licence. Good news is my company holds both.

· The operators must hold the correct endorsements on their Drivers Licence accompanied with an ID card visible in the tow vehicle issued by ITSA.

· Legal operators of tow vehicles undergo police vetting and are required to have knowledge of law and practice; much like a taxi driver must have.

· Tow vehicles are designed to carry out the full range of necessary work, and are equipped with winches, chains, tie downs, also first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and all necessary personal protective equipment. The trucks must be well maintained in every way and appear smart and ready to do the job that’s needed.

· All good tow companies have liability cover and hook cover. Hook cover gives you peace of mind before your vehicle is put on the truck, as we know humans can make mistakes. The tow operator has to be super safety conscious at the scene or incident.

· You may be asked to move or sit in the truck for your own safety.

· Another necessary aspect of a towing business is its Health and Safety Policy. Here at Peninsula Hiab Towing and Transport and Whitianga Towing Ltd, our Health and Safety Policy is the same as many government departments.

· There other necessary aspect of working with any vehicle is Tow Authority books. All towing companies are required to fill these out. This is also a receipt of your job as the numbered books record make, model, registration, colour, where it is towed from and towed to, the owners name and other information. This is a legal requirement.

· Another necessary books register of complaints. Any complaint must be recorded and this means any complaint to a towing company needs to be I writing, dated and signed by the complainant to be accepted. Clients can also complain to ITSA or the police.

· There is no such thing as cheap reliable towing, it doesn’t fit with a good towing company.

The cost is normally done by a fixed hourly rate or kilometre rate. These rates vary depending on the job. Sometimes the vehicle is down a steep embankment and hard to reach; other times the towing task is very straight forward.

The rate includes the cost of policies, insurances, road user taxes, the truck, and its equipment.

· In the event of an accident or breakdown etc, it is the driver’s or owner’s choice who tows them or moves their vehicle. It is also the owners choice of place for repair.

The worst possible nightmare is if you are on a job and your tow truck needs towing.

A warning note: “These days we see more and more people popping up with utes and trailers offering cheap towing,” says Steve. Do they have the correct licences? Do they have the proper insurance over? Is their tow vehicle sign written? Is the Company name on the inside of the truck or ute? Would they be happy to show you this information? Can you see an ID tag? “

“I work for my company to enable people to have a sense of relief when they see us - that we will help them and their vehicle. That we operate efficiently, safely and fairly with best practice,” adds Steve.

Steve’s company has recently acquired an advertising trailer (pictured) which is available for rent.

Email tow. Whitianga


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