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A new answer to clean and safe water

Safe H2O’s water purification and water tank cleaning service is turning the traditional model of cleaning water tanks on its head.

As CEO Hamish Grey explains, “Traditionally when cleaning a water tank you empty the tank, muck it out and then refill the tank. Safe H2O’s innovative process cleans both the water and the tank. It vacuums the sediment from the tank and then filters the water through three levels of filtration ending in nano-filtration. This removes anything larger than 0.001 microns and renders the water safe of anything detrimental to your health. The purified water is returned to the tank ready for use.

Over time water tanks build up sediment from leaf matter, dust, pollen, sand and the like. This layer can become dense in a very short period of time. The sediment can act as a breeding ground and food source for potentially harmful bacteria that can lead to ill health. This sediment should be removed regularly, and the Ministry of Health recommends annual inspections and regular cleaning of tanks - a task often overlooked. The Safe H20 process of treating both the tank and the water in the tank is unique in ensuring the retained water is both clean and safe to drink for the whole household.

As Grey says, “After vacuuming the water it looks clean to the naked eye. However, there are always solids in solution that can’t be seen and need to be safely removed through the filtration process. At the end of this process customers are left with both a clean tank and water fit for immediate use - and all this without having to purchase replacement water.”

The feedback from customers has been fantastic. As recent customer, Peter Seers, puts it, “Awesome service. Arrived on time, water is perfect... no smell or taste, just clean water. Tanks are spotless and way better than I expected.”

Water is a precious commodity and increasingly so as we experience the impact of climate change. Safe H2O has saved nearly 200 million litres of water, with a replacement value of over $4.5 million, to date using their process as opposed to the traditional tank cleaning method. The Safe H2O process provides a double benefit. It benefits the environment as it preserves an increasingly precious resource – water, and it provides economic benefits through saving money by not requiring replacement water to be purchased.

Hamish says, “With the Safe H2O process retaining your water, it makes cleaning your tanks and water when they are full, an excellent option. “Too often we get calls in summer where water deliveries have been made and they have stirred up the sediment in the bottom of the tank that has not been attended to. While we have plenty of water now is a good time to prepare your water tank for the drier summer months ahead, so you go into that period with both purified water and a clean full tank”.

Safe H2O are operating in Coromandel regularly and welcome any enquiries on 0800 723342 or visit our website

Pictured: Safe H20's vehicle onsite. Their service is available to the whole of the Coromandel Peninsula.


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